Thursday, June 25, 2009

How abortion is like ice cream

I once heard about an obscure law on the books in some states in America (according to the internet, both Alabama and Kentucky), that states that it is illegal to put an ice cream cone in one's back pocket. I heard about this law several years ago, yet it still makes me giggle a little when I think about it. First, I find myself picturing a state legislature meeting where the law is first suggested. Then, I wonder about the dialogue back and forth as it was undoubtedly discussed among members. Finally, it was obviously passed, perhaps by a 2/3 majority vote? So, now in at least two U.S. states (and maybe others??!?!?) it IS illegal to put your ice cream cone in your back pocket. It is illegal for even a second-- to pay for it, or tie your shoe, or whatever reason you might have for even wanting to put an ice cream cone in your pocket. I wonder how often this particular law has been enforced and what the penalty is for breaking it, community service in an ice cream truck, maybe? A fine paid in chocolate syrup?

There is a good reason I bring this silly law up...really. For some reason whenever it pops into my head (often at the strangest of times) I always think of another law that seems just as ridiculous to me. And, it is my hope that some day this other, much more serious, law will be put in the same insane and unnecessary category as the illegal ice cream cone law. I would love for Americans to look at the Roe V. Wade court case legalizing abortion and think the same thing I think about putting ice cream in my pocket. What a silly waste of time it was to pass that law, why would anyone even think of doing it? Why would any mother even imagine ending the life of her own innocent unborn child? Why would any doctor consider killing a person after going to school for so long to learn how to preserve lives? Why would any organization want to exist for the sole purpose of "terminating" babies? Isn't abortion even more preposterous than putting ice cream in your pocket?

I would love to end our fight to make abortion illegal because it is something that just never comes up anymore. I have always thought, that this is a fight that really belongs in our hearts and not in our courts. If we can change hearts than abortion law can someday be as meaningless as the ice cream cone law. I would love to think that some day it won't matter what the law says because no one, not any one in our country, or the world, would ever dream of taking an innocent life for the sake of convenience!

Unfortunately, as things stand now, the law will not be changing, at least not any time soon. Even more unfortunate, if we cannot change hearts it hardly seems to matter if we do overturn the law because people will continue to abort babies. The hearts and priorities of so many people are so out of order!

I am not really naive enough to think I will see a day when the abortion debate will leave our political arena or be obsolete in our courts. Though I hope it will someday be different, today I can only pray that there are some hearts changing, maybe only one at a time. But that our pro-life numbers will grow and grow....after all, with God all things ARE possible!

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  1. Such a good point! I've also thought that we need to fight the abortion issue in the hearts of people much more than in our courts (though we still need to fight and fight hard there, too). On the reverse side, if abortion is illegal, but people still want to do it, they will find a way.



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