Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What I am giving for Lent....

Lent starts tomorrow. If I did not realize how very much I need this time of penitence and sacrifice I would be completely dreading it. I do not really like to give things up. I do not really like to do without. And as I think about what to do for Lent this year, there are so many things I really think I should give up. I have way too many "vices" and distractions in my life.
Instead of just choosing some thing (preferably something easy to live without) and giving it up, I have tried to really think about what God would want from me. Then, it came to me that instead of just giving up, I think God is calling me to give. Instead of just giving up chocolate, God wants me to give Him my hunger (which is, many of the times I desire chocolate, more of a spiritual hunger and a longing for comfort than a physical hunger anyway). Instead of just giving up Facebook, God wants me to give my family more time and attention (which would meet my need to connect with others so much better than sitting in front of my computer does anyway). Instead of just giving up complaining, God wants me to give joy and smiles to those around me (which, of course, would make me feel much happier than complaining all the time does anyway)!
So, though I will probably never enjoy sacrifice and suffering, I am actually looking forward to my Lent this year. I suspect I will get so much more than I will be giving up, and I hope that those around me will benefit as well. I pray that God will help me rise to the challenge of giving, so that I may receive all the blessings He has awaiting me at Easter.

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