Friday, March 26, 2010

Kids say the Darndest Things Friday

I was invited to participate in a blog hop entitled Kids say the Darndest Things Fridays from the lovely ladies at mysticalrosedesign.blogspot com.   I am so excited to be a part of the Friday fun.  Check out all the links at their website and enjoy a great end-of-the-week laugh!
I’m sure my own kids have said hundreds of funny things but I can’t seem to remember any of them (I hope this doesn’t mean I don’t listen to them like I should).  I do have a funny story to share that sort of involves us, however.
We have always lived paycheck to paycheck, having as I once heard from someone else, more kids than money.   Well, a friend of mine who is really pretty comfortable financially, was talking to her son one day about why they could not go get fast food for lunch.  She told him they could not afford it right then and that they would have a lot more money if she did not buy him so many new toys.  He thought for a moment and then said (thinking of us), “I guess the Burke’s must be really rich.” 
    “Why would you think that?” she asked him, knowing how off base he was. 
    “Well, they hardly ever get new toys!” he said.
Of course, as far as I am concerned my friend’s son is right.  We are really rich, just not in money (or new toys apparently).  Instead we are rich in love and togetherness, which is what matters most anyway!


  1. This is so very true!

    I will never forget at my grandmother's funeral, when one of her many extended cousins patted her hand at the visitation and said,

    "Mary, while you never had much growing up or raising your own family, you are beyond measure in riches and wealth when you look at your children and grandchildren."

    My mother was the youngest of 7 (6 brothers and one stillborn sister) and I was one of 19 first cousins.

    Large families are such a blessing that so many in our country do not understand!

    Wishing you a blessed weekend,

  2. alot of truth in what the little boy said. Nice to meet you. I'm here from mystical rose. this is a great idea Mystical rose has. I played this week by linking to my post from this past wednesday, but hope to post a separate post next friday. nice to meet you.

  3. oh and I wanted to say I love your blog header. those beautiful hands -- and that little tiny chubby one. so kissable!

  4. Kari,
    Sounds logical to me!

    I fixed your title so it says rich. :)

    Thanks for joining in!

    In Christ,

  5. Beautiful! I also love the header with the little hand in the middle - too much!



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