Sunday, April 18, 2010

Just What I Needed....

    Today was not the most beautiful of Florida days.  When we left for Mass this morning the rain was, in the words of my five year old,  “pretty much trenchal” (which, in case you cannot translate, means torrential).  Things did not improve much as the afternoon wore on.   The moods around my house sort of matched the weather outside our windows.  We were all feeling a little tired and really, really lazy.  I guess rainy Sunday afternoons are good for just laying around doing a whole lot of nothing and we thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity for just that today, but by evening the effects of our laziness were starting to get to me.  The house was cluttered, everyone seemed to be crabby and impatient with each other and my energy level was practically nil.
    It has been my routine for the better part of my adult life, to exercise in the evenings after dinner.  I try to spend about 40 minutes doing some sort of cardio workout each day.  My discipline in this area of my life used to be amazing and unwavering but it has waned a little over recent years.  Yet despite my lack of enthusiasm for exercise of late, and my complete lack of energy, I knew I should get up off my butt and do something.  I noticed the rain seemed to have stopped (finally) so I decided to take a walk.
    I tied on my workout shoes and set off under a sky that was still a little gray and drizzly.  As I walked, my thoughts wandered and then turned to prayer.  I found myself feeling more grateful than I had all day.  I felt grateful for a break in the rain so that I could be outside enjoying the peace and solitude of the evening.  I felt grateful for the time to stretch my legs and find the energy I had been lacking all day.   Though it took a lot of effort to motivate myself, a walk was just what I had been needing.   It is wonderful what a little physical activity and fresh air can do for the spirit.  As I finished up my three miles of walking and praying, I saw that a tiny bit of sky was showing between the clouds and, for the first time all day, the sunshine was just peeking through.  A perfect reminder that God is always near... even on our gray days.

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