Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A letter of apology...sort of...

Dear Blogging World,
It has been awhile, hasn't it?  Have you missed me like I have missed you? Yes, I miss you terribly and I long for time to spend together sharing our thoughts, but life has been busy lately and when I look at all I have to do and all I want to do and all I should be doing- you have come out pretty low on the priority list.  There are the children, of course.  They demand so much from me.  They want my time, my attention, and my help seemingly every moment.  There is their school work to plan and prepare and to teach. Then it must all be graded and the scores recorded and averaged.  There are life lessons to impart and good habits to nurture.  I have all their laundry to keep up with, their dishes to wash.  Messes to clean up after them.  And, little disagreements to referee.  Once in a while there is time for fun- time to read them stories, color pictures with them, and play games with them.  But, often, the days are just spent keeping up with all the demands.   Besides the kids and the house which I must care for, a never-ending job in and of itself, there is my husband who deserves a little attention, too.  It is a rare moment that Tim and I get to spend together without distraction but when the opportunity arises I can simply not justify letting you get in the way, no matter how much I may enjoy the time with you, my dear blog.
I was so excited when I first met you and it seemed so important to nurture our relationship, at first.  I loved getting to know you and seeing where our journey might lead us but then I found you interfering a little with other things.  More important things.  Would you believe my laundry was neglected more then once in favor of a half hour alone with you?  I even missed chances to talk with my children and hear all about their Lego creations and their latest drawing masterpieces because you had captured my attention and refused to let it go for a time.  So, my friend, though I miss you when we are apart, it is time to find a balance.  I will not neglect you forever.  I will not forget you but my family must come first.  My time must be carefully weighed and when there just isn't enough for everything you will have to get used to coming in last.  Someday the children will grow up and leave my little nest but for now they are here and I don't want to miss a minute of their youth sitting in front of my computer pouring my heart into a relationship that will never give back like my family will.  So, little blog, I will visit when I can and give you what I have but for the time being, during this busy chapter in my life, you must resign yourself to being last and getting the leftovers.  It's better than nothing.
With grateful affection, K.

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  1. My sentiments, too. the blog has to take second place to our home lives. have a good weekend!



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