Saturday, August 20, 2011

Just dibby dabs....

    My mom has a language all her own.  Growing up I, of course, did not realize that many of the words we used at home regularly were not, in fact, words in the English language at all.  It was strange, the looks I got when I said something was pa-cucked, or someone was acting nerky.   Apparently my friends had never used such phrases, never even heard them.  Dibby dabs was another one.  On leftover night at our house my mom would lay out the dibby dabs of this and the dibby dabs of that and we would finish up what was left.  In case you, too, are unfamiliar with my native language, dibby dabs means little bits of things. 
    Today, I thought about dibby dabs and how, now that we are back to schooling and I am consumed with academic endeavors and educational pursuits again, my blogging is probably going to be reduced to dibby dabs.  As we have been absorbed in our busyness this week, my mind has been composing lots of long fascinating and meaningful blog posts.  Now that it is Saturday, and we do not have school work to tend to, I would love to sit and write all day.  But, of course, there is grocery shopping to do, bathrooms to scrub, floors to mop, laundry to catch up on, and countless others things that also fell by the wayside this week.  So all that is left for blogging is dibby dabs.
    So, with not much time left for writing, here are the dibby dabs from our week:

    Tim started his teaching job on Monday.  It was “teacher work week” so he did not have any students yet.  He came home from work feeling a little overwhelmed and a little lost.  He asked my opinion on decorating bulletin boards and classroom rules. That was certainly a first.  On Friday, the kids and I went to see his new school, which is about 45 minutes south of us.  He did not happen to take my advice on the bulletin board design but....still, his classroom looked great, all ready for school to start on Monday.  The smell of the buildings reminded me so much of my own first days of school so many years ago…..
    My oldest daughter started a co-op type math class this week.  A wonderful friend of mine, out of the kindness of her heart, offered to teach pre-Algebra to any student in our home school group who was interested.  Math is not my strong point, and my daughter and I struggled a lot last year trying to make sense of the numbers and formulas in her textbook, each of us as confused as the other.  My friend’s offer was truly a God-send for me.  My daughter was not feeling as blessed though.  She was a little nervous.  She has not had a “classroom” class, or been taught anything besides art and church history from someone other than me since kindergarten.  She came home on day one smiling though and has not had any trouble with math yet.  Of course, it is only week one but it looks like this is going to work out really well….
    My littlest one got a potty.  Again, thanks to the kindness of a friend, whose three year old was finished with it, a nice shiny plastic potty was dropped off right in time for baby’s 2nd birthday.  She is having such fun with it.  She sits on it whenever anyone is in the bathroom.  Usually fully dressed, though she inevitably asks to be “nake, nake”.  If her 8 year old sister happens to be the one currently using the bathroom, she can usually get the help she needs removing her shorts or if she happens to be wearing a dress when the desire to sit on the potty strikes her, she has discovered the joy of pulling off her own diaper.  I keep looking up and seeing a little tushy (is that a mom word too?) running down the hall and a little voice saying “pee-pee potty.”  She has not peed on the floor during these little escapades….yet. She has also not succeeded in peeing in the potty at any point.  I have come to realize that though she may think she is ready for potty training, I know I most definitely am not.  Maybe around Christmas break.  In the meantime, I might start using duct tape on her diapers.  I‘d like to see her rip that right off...
    So much more in my head….but no more time, the cleaning and errands await…..

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