Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas

This morning we woke up to a few very special "gifts" under the Christmas tree.  No, Santa had not come a day early.  My children had decided, after hearing one of my favorite Christmas memories of sleeping under the Christmas tree with my sister and brother one year, that they had to do it too.  We had to talk Tim into it, but at his slight smile and nod, they all grabbed their sleeping bags and pillows and snuggled up beneath the festive branches.  He and I heard them talking and giggling for hours after we had gone to bed.  What a special treat it was for them.  

The last-night-of-Advent slumber party was only the beginning of the excitement and joy...
Today is Christmas Eve and tomorrow Christmas Day, of course.  The children are giddy with anticipation and I can practically see the visions of sugar plums dancing in their little heads.

May your holy-day be joyful and special and full of the love of God and family! 

From our house to yours....Merry Christmas!

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  1. Oh Kari! What beautiful memories your children will have! Our cats have been sleeping under the Christmas tree. It must be so snuggly and beautiful under there with all the lights shining. One of the cats even climbed onto a branch and settled herself down for a sleep. Luckily the tree didn't topple over!

    Merry Christmas!



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