Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bye-bye baby

            So….. as I mentioned previously my “baby” is almost three years old.  I am not at all sure how three years can fly by in the blink of an eye but here we are with another “big girl” in the house and no baby anywhere to be found.  Our littlest one is almost passed that age when everything that comes out of her mouth is funny and every new development and discovery is adorable.   We really only have a few more months of “Awww, that was so cute,” before she has completely mastered the English language and honed all her gross motor skills to pre-schooler perfection, leaving behind her immature toddler jumps with only one foot actually leaving the ground and the awkward arms-pumping run that still doesn’t get her anywhere near as fast as her siblings.

            For now, I am enjoying what is left of toddlerhood.  I love that she uses the “ya” sound for words that have “th” in them.  She says “I luff yat,” for “I love that,” and “I don’t yike yose” when she means, “I don’t like those”.  And there is a lot she doesn’t “yike”.  She is a very picky eater, as so many two year olds are.  Her favorite foods include “drawberries (strawberries), booberries (blueberries), saw-me (salami), and cereo (cereal)” and she will eat little else.    She especially dis-yikes beans, tomatoes, and potatoes.  

            I also love that she now plays happily with her older brothers and sisters, joining them in their pretending games, their Lego play, and even their favorite past-time-- movie quoting.  It is quite impressive how many movie quotes she has memorized in her little life, especially considering I don’t allow that much screen time.  I hope this is an indication of how well she’ll do when it comes time to memorize her times tables.  :)
            She loves shoes- boots, flip-flops, sandals- you name it, and has asked for “barkly shoose” (sparkly shoes) for her birthday.  She has come a long way with her swimming lessons (or as she calls them, her as “fwimming” lessons).  She knows how to spell her own name or, at least knows which letters are "hers".  She loves books and has a few of her favorites memorized so she can “read” to us when we get to the point that we have read so many books to her, we simply cannot utter another word.  At least, she occasionally uses her memorization skills for something worthwhile.

            Anyway, she really is still adorable to us and so, so lovable despite the fact that this past year has truly been the “terrible twos” full of temper tantrums, attitude, and stubbornness.  She has spent an awful lot of time in timeout, or what we know around here as “the whiny kid zone”, but her trips there are getting fewer and farther between.  

It is amazing how little by little, day by day, our children mature before our very eyes, starting out so small and helpless and quickly becoming their own little selves- with their own ideas and their own independence and their own ability to express themselves.  


  1. We're at a similar stage with our youngest, Kari. He'll be three in December and I can relate to the stage that you described. Jordy has been one of our best as far as tantrums go but the absolute worst for sleeping:-/ If it wasn't for his nocturnal habits, I think I'd find it an awful lot harder to give up the baby years - as it is, I might begrudgingly let him grow up into a bigger child;-)

    I really enjoyed reading your post, Kari! God bless:-)

    1. I wonder if God knows how hard it is to move on from having a baby in the house and that is why He gives us challenges to remind us how difficult the early years can be. Our youngest has been our worst sleeper also. She gave up her naps at only a year old. She does sleep consistently through the night (now) but it took her a long time to get to this point.

      Thanks so much for stopping by, I have been really enjoying your beautiful blog- both for your stories and your amazing artwork!

      God Bless!

  2. Such a bittersweet time for us as parents. While we know it is our job to raise children to become healthy, whole, holy adults...it sure is hard letting go of each developmental stage! I love all the sweet words she says and it's great that you have them written down. B/c you know...we all forget! :)

    Hugs and blessings,

    1. Valerie-

      That is exactly why I wrote this post-- just so I could remember all my daughter's cute little pronunciations. I know this time is fleeting and it is SO easy to forget all the cute little things they say and do as time passes.

      I'm sure you can relate with your little one turning 2 last week! Hope he had a fabulous birthday and that you are enjoying every precious moment!

      God Bless!



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