Thursday, August 30, 2012

Leg warmers, silly bands, and....blogging?

            When I was a kid, I had some leg warmers.  They served no purpose other than looking cool.  I mean, really?  Do your calves ever get so cold that they need a little more coverage than the rest of your legs?  

A few summers ago, my children got into “silly bands”.  They were rubbery bracelets shaped like animals.  They looked a little “silly” to me all crooked and wavy on the kid’s arms.  But still my kids, like all the other kids in the country, thought they were the coolest things.  

Fads have such a way of sucking us in and then suddenly losing their appeal and just fading out.  

When my oldest child was just an infant, Creative Memories was all the rage.  They sold scrap-booking products and I decided with my new baby and a lot of unused creative energy, scrap-booking was the perfect thing for me.  I got very into it.  I have close to 20 (mostly) completed albums and a closet full of supplies and tools to show for my interest in scrap-booking.  After a few years of loving the hobby, I found myself losing interest though.  My kids were getting older, life was getting busier.  My albums got set aside for a time and I told myself I’d find time for them eventually…. But now, I figure my scrap-booking days are behind me, at least until the kids are grown.  

I guess scrap-booking was sort of a fad for me.  It was loads of fun while it lasted, but when I ran out of creative energy for it, I moved on to other things.

I’ve been thinking about fads- in fashion and even more so, in hobbies because a few of my favorite blogs have been relatively silent in recent days.  I guess mine has been a little neglected lately too….  

I fear my blogging friends, who I so enjoyed keeping up with through their sites, may have found the hobby of blogging to be not so much fun as it used to be.   I miss their steady posts and their wit and wisdom.  The internet is a little lonely without them but I sort of understand.  

I have been blogging for almost 4 years now.  At first I had LOTS to say, lots of ideas and opinions and stories to share.  But lately…. well, sometimes it seems all my stories have been told.  All my opinions have been voiced (well, not really, but I am learning that not ALL my opinions should be voiced!)  Blogging is a wonderful way to chronicle my family’s life and a wonderful way to make friends and share stories and ideas, but some days- I just don’t feel the old excitement about it anymore.

I wonder if maybe, at some point, I will realize blogging was a fad in my life-- fun while it lasted but not a long term addition to my life.  I am not quite ready to say that yet, though I do find myself posting less often than I used to, but I might at some point….   Someday, it might be time to move on to other new exciting hobbies (writing another novel sounds appealing).  If that is what has happened to my blogging friends of old, I wish them well in their new enterprises, and someday, I may just join them in signing off and pursuing more “real life” endeavors…..


  1. I understand!

    Maybe with Summer winding down, and Fall gearing up some of my favorite bloggers will be back in swing. Ever since I delivered Luke (2 years ago!), I have blogged less and less. I look at my archives and I'm shocked (and a bit saddened) that I haven't posted more. I too wonder if the "fad" is fading...

    1. Valerie- Most of the time, I really enjoy blogging but sometimes I find it gets in the way of real life, or rather real life gets in the way of it. Either way, I don't know if I'll still be blogging ten years from now (or even 2 years from now)- but who knows. There is freedom to come and go as we please so until the fad fades entirely.... I'll be around when I can.

      Hope you will too, I would miss you if you left the blogosphere! I was especially touched by your latest post on integrity.

  2. Hello there! What is your opinion on promotion campaigns of all kinds placed on blogs?

    1. Lake- Thank you so much for stopping by. I have to admit I am not sure what you mean by "promotional campaigns" placed on blogs. I, myself, have used my own blog to help promote my other writing projects and as well as other people's blogs that I feel are worthwhile. Obviously, I think this is perfectly appropriate and acceptable. After all, this is my blog and I feel blessed to be able to use it to promote worthwhile causes, books, blogs, etc...

      As far as anyone else trying to use my blog for promotional opportunities- I have not had that happen, but if it did, it would depend greatly on what was being promoted and how I personally felt about it. Hope that answers your question.

      Blessings, Kari



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