Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A break for now......

I have been thinking about this and thinking about this and thinking about this…….  And I think I have come to the decision to put my blog on hiatus for a while.  I don’t want to walk away completely- but I feel the blog has sort of fizzled out.  I am not posting much, when I do- my posts are a little flat and dull.  

The truth is, I am not enjoying writing my blog lately and though I still feel I have a million posts I could write- none of them seem meaningful when I actually sit down to type them.  Anyway, I pray a little break will do me some good.   I think I will take the time to concentrate my writing efforts on fiction or personal journaling or even just keeping in touch better with friends through e-mails or letters.

For now, I am off.  Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and Happy Blog Reading!


  1. Kari,

    I love reading your blog. I will not protest if you have a break because we all need one of those every now and then. But when the time is right you must return!

    When I am feeling flat, I can't turn good ideas into posts. But the ideas remain to be worked on another time. Sometimes it's just finding the right angle to use them. So write all your ideas down so you don't forget them. You can give them life when you are back in a blogging mood.

    Perhaps you can work on your NaNo novel instead of blogging. Oh no! You will surely finish editing another novel before I have completed even one!!

    Anyway, please don't disappear completely. I would miss you.

    I hope you have a very happy and holy Christmas with your family. May God send you many blessings.

  2. Kari,

    I forgot to say I love your real Santa story. What a special man. Obviously he brought joy to many families, especially yours. Did you write the letter?

    God bless!

  3. Kari,

    I COMPLETELY understand! I took the entire month of December off...only writing one post in honor of Newtown, CT. I've spent the entire month thinking...praying...pondering over what to do.

    I've seem to lost my way when it comes to my own blog...it seems to have gone in so many different directions and I'm not sure any one direction is really "me". I'm not sure if I've been trying to reinvent myself...or if this past election year took something out of me...if my faith life and blogging life are just not something I want to mesh...if I just don't feel "Catholic" enough to be listed as a "Catholic" blogger (I don't have 5+ kids...I don't homeschool...my husband's faith life is not as active as I'd like it to be...etc., etc.)

    So, taking December off was good for my soul. I specifically unplugged the week of Christmas from EVERYTHING...Pinterest, Facebook, blogging (reading and writing) and think that I may be ready to return.

    As me. A Catholic mom who just wants to document what's happening in my kiddos' lives...it was the whole reason I began blogging...just a mom blogger...not a faith blogger...not an interior decorator wannabe...just me sharing with friends and family what happens day to day so that I might actually print out some of these posts and create a scrapbook of sorts for my little ones.

    So, yes, I totally understand you stepping away. I love your style of writing...and I hope that you someday return...but I get it. I really do.

    Blesings to you and your beautiful family this New Year's Eve, Kari!


    1. Val- I love what you said about returning to your blog "as me". You are SO right in saying that when we try to reinvent ourselves-- in our blogs and in life, we go off in too many directions. I think that is exactly what has happened to me and my blog here. I am still praying, still discerning, still trying to decide what the purpose of this blog is and if it still has any life left in it. For now-- I am still enjoying reading others' blogs and am enjoying the freedom to not worry so much about my own.

      God Bless, and thank you so much for your words of wisdom, Kari



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