Monday, May 24, 2010

A few of my favorite things....

    A few weeks ago Tim and I bought a new camera.  We had actually just bought a different new camera only about two months before.  We had been financially responsible with the first purchase and got a camera in our price range... and I hated it.  The quality of the pictures was terrible, they came out grainy and blurry half the time and the camera would sometimes take a few tries to even snap the picture so we missed out on so many cute photo ops.  If you follow my blog you’ll know that Tim and I could certainly not afford to buy a new camera, especially not a mere two months after just buying a new camera.  And since we couldn’t afford it in the first place we could definitely not even think about buying a good camera, but we did it anyway.  We are very rarely so irresponsible with our money.   However, it says in the Bible that where your treasure is, so also your heart will be.  My children are most definitely my treasures and where my heart is, sometimes in such a profound way it hurts.  And, I know, all to well, how fleeting their youth is.  It will be in no time at all that they have grown and changed.  I will never get these days back.  Pictures are so precious and I want ours to be, not just good, but fabulous, amazing, beautiful.  I want to somehow, capture on film (well, our camera is digital so, I guess, not film exactly) the moments of wonder and love that sometimes happen in the course of our busy days.  I want to save and savor the everyday moments when my children are playing or learning or just hanging out being themselves and looking so cute.  So, despite the fact that we did not have the money Tim and I bought a nice, new DSLR camera.  It was way out of our price range but already I love it.  Our pictures are so much better and I have had so much fun playing with it and experimenting with all its features, most of which are way over my head, photographically speaking. 
    Now that I have adequately justified our irresponsibility.. I have been very wary, so far, about posting pictures of my children on the internet.  I may be a little paranoid, maybe a little overprotective too, but I don’t really trust the internet and I worry about having my children’s pictures available to the whole world.  I love my new pictures so much though I can’t help but show them off a little.  So, in my own slightly overprotective, paranoid way…here are a few of my favorites…


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  2. These are great photos and I agree it is important to have a good camera. We have an A's fan at our house too :)



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