Friday, May 7, 2010

Mother's Day surprises

    My children are probably the most generous people I have ever met.  They aren’t very good at sharing, especially with each other and they cannot stand helping out around the house these days, but when it comes to gift giving they really excel.  For my birthday, a few weeks ago, they each had gifts for me.  Each gift had been well thought out, taking into consideration everything my children know about me.  One was a homemade memento featuring characters from one of my favorite stories, one was just what I needed for a favorite hobby of mine, and one was perfect for helping me to get more organized, a goal I have been working on all year.  Each gift was either made or found by the children themselves, no help from daddy.  They had been preparing for months and as the day grew closer they would ask me what I wanted, checking to see if my birthday wishes had changed, though I am sure they had already planned their gifts by that time.  On my special day they were each so excited to present me with the adorable little gifts they had thoughtfully and lovingly prepared.  They had all wrapped the presents themselves in sheets of printer paper that were covered in as much tape as paper.  I have never seen anyone give gifts with more love and excitement than my children.  Their beautiful gift giving is not reserved only for me either.  They give with just as much gusto to their dad, their grandparents and each other. 
    As Mother’s Day rapidly approaches there have been four very busy children in my house (well, actually all 5 kids have been very busy but the youngest is busy crawling and “cruising”, getting into every little thing her siblings have left around and inevitably tasting it all…that, however, is another blog altogether!).  The older four children have been whispering behind closed bedroom doors and plotting some special surprises all week.   I was asked, out of the blue earlier this week, what my favorite cereal was and then it mysteriously appeared in my grocery cart as I was picking up a few things at the store later that afternoon.   At home, they have been borrowing things like tape, clear contact paper, and construction paper working on what seems to be a pretty big project.  In addition to all their hard work and their secrecy there have also been quite a few disagreements and arguments.  The other day there were more than a few tears as the two oldest children got into a fight over I’m-not-sure-what.  Emotions were running quite high and I can only assume it is because the projects are so important to them.  Nevertheless, I had to remind them that what I really want most for Mother’s Day, and everyday, is a happy family and that if they could not work together lovingly, no present would be worth it. 
    I have to admit, my curiosity has been peaked.  I cannot wait to find out what Sunday will bring.  I am sure no matter what gifts I receive, the love they are given with will make them more priceless than gold, just like the hearts of my wonderful children!

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