Thursday, January 13, 2011

The richest kids in town

"Any kid who has two parents who are interested in him and has a houseful of books isn't poor."
~Sam Levenson.  
Hmmmm.... a houseful of books?   We have bookshelves in every room.
Some of them neater than others...
We have pictures books, board books, chapter books, and poetry books.

We have school books and story books, classical books and silly books.

Books stacked up high,

and books found underfoot.
Books spilling all over the floor,

Books placed neatly on the shelf (sort of).
and books we just can't put down.
Books everywhere we look!

 This has been one of those weeks when the book shelves are much, much fuller than the bank account.  But that is okay, it is all good, I don't worry too much about money.  With our houseful of books and, of course, love, I am pretty sure my children are among the richest kids in town.   


  1. oh yeah! Love it! We are rich too. We have such a serious book addiction in our house and more than fit on our bookcases. I think we are up to 10 diff book cases...all overflowing.

    I am so thankful that our children have a love of books!

  2. so true. and I lovelove books too and we have so many books. it's a great teaching tool and opportunity for snuggling up!

  3. Bank accounts in January are crazy aren't they? I love the books all over. I know that my riches will never be in bank. Right now as I worry about no funds as we travel, I am sitting here watching all nine kiddos helping dad fold the clothes. What a rich woman I am. Enjoy the wealth.



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