Friday, May 6, 2011

Not "mine", but close

    Our youngest child is not yet two.  She will not be two for about 3 more months.  Right now, she is at that toddler stage where her language skills are improving daily and she is exerting more and more of her independence.   She is not quite to the terrible point of pitching temper tantrums and screaming “NO!” or "MINE!" …but she is definitely getting close. 
    Our little one talks all the time and some of her favorite subjects are her siblings.  She can say each of their names pretty clearly.  When we ask her name, however, she answers, “beebee”, which means, of course, “baby.”  We really do use her name most of the time and rarely refer to her as simply, “the baby” and yet she calls herself “baby” every time you ask.  Now, her impending two-dom is showing itself more and more lately.  We have noticed that when she is reprimanded for not sharing, climbing furniture, throwing food, or any other ordinary toddler misbehavior she quickly responds by screaming, “BEEBEE!”  If we tell her, “no” she tells us, loudly, “BEEBEE!”  If she wants a toy that someone else is currently playing with, she demands, “BEEBEE!”  Sometimes she explains things further by saying, “I BEEBEE!”.  We are pretty sure that ,“I BEEBEE” means, “I am the baby and I should get anything and everything I want”.   Where she got this idea, I have no a pretty good clue. 
    She may still be a few months shy of her second birthday but I fear our little one is on the fast track to the terrible two’s.  And her big brown eyes, adorable little chubby cheeks and four doting older siblings, aren’t helping matters any.  Luckily, she is a lovable little “BEEBEE”….  and I’ve survived the terrible two’s before…..

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