Thursday, June 16, 2011

Book review: Christian Self-Mastery

      Do you ever find yourself wondering why you struggle with the same sins over and over again?  Do you have great intentions in life but many times fall short on the follow-through?  Can you relate all too well to St. Paul’s words in his letter to the Romans (7:15), “For I do not do what I want, but I do what I hate?”  I feel my life is quite often a perfect example of St. Paul’s wise words.
    I ordered Christian Self-Mastery, knowing that I needed help in overcoming my struggles and hoping for inspiration.  But when Fr. Basil Maturin’s book arrived, I found myself getting a little defensive.  Fr. Basil begins his book by making a lot of assumptions and speculating a lot on how your thought process goes.  He writes with confidence, as though he can look into your mind and know your personal thoughts.  And, many of his assumptions and speculations are less than complimentary.  But as I read more and more of the book I discovered that his insights into the human spirit and the struggle against sin and temptation were so accurate it almost did seem at times that he could see into my mind.  In fact, in the pages of his book he addressed exactly what I had been feeling and fighting against.  He explained, in great detail, all the reasons I had ordered the book to begin with.  The more I read, the more I was rewarded with a greater understanding of my own weaknesses and the real reason I tend to fail in self-discipline.
     I ordered the book hoping for inspiration but I gained more than I expected.  I came away with a better understanding of myself and my efforts, a deeper appreciation for God’s grace at work in my life, and a stronger sense of direction to move forward in attaining true "christian self-mastery".   At times, as I read, I did feel convicted, at times, I was comforted, and in the end, I found the inspiration I was hoping for.  It was not necessarily an easy read but I would highly recommended it to anyone who sins!

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