Friday, July 29, 2011


    Last year, I was invited to take part in a “blog hop” on Fridays entitled “kids say the darndest things.”  It was fun while it lasted but then the host disappeared from cyberspace abandoning her blog, and the Friday fun ended.  For a while, I  kept saving my stories of funny-kid-sayings just in case it started up again.  This is an old one I found but never posted.  Since it is Friday, I thought I might share it even though there is no “hop” to link it to:

     Tim and I were discussing finances at dinner the other night.  Usually a depressing conversation around here but this time we talked about the mysterious credit we have had at the pediatrician’s office for the last few months.  Neither one of us can figure out how but every time we have taken the children in for check-ups we have been informed that we have a credit and have not had to pay our co-pay.  Obviously this has been helpful if not completely baffling.  Anyway, I suggested that maybe we had an anonymous benefactor helping us out.  My youngest son listened to the conversation for a while and then said, “What if someone named their baby ‘Anonymous’?”
    Where does he get this stuff?  Unfortunately for any future children we may or may not have, Tim loved this idea!  He loved the idea of someone signing their check “Anonymous”. Someone filling out job applications with the name “Anonymous”.  Someone named “Anonymous” trying to buy a house, obtain a driver’s license, write a letter to the editor.  Poor person would never get any credit in life, or maybe would get credit for so many things he or she might not want credit for!  The thought that Tim would actually consider naming one of our children “Anonymous” just for all the fun and confusion it may cause in the world may be enough to convince me that we are done having children….

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