Monday, June 11, 2012

From unemployment to peace

            A story of misunderstanding and misinterpreting God's plan and almost missed opportunity….. 

             Tim stood outside the principal’s office.  He was sure he knew what was going to happen at the upcoming meeting.  The meeting had been set up four days ago, then postponed from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m.  The waiting had been slightly nerve-wracking, to say the least.  But, finally he was going to find out, would he have a job for next year or not?  Just minutes before the principal called him in, his cell phone vibrated in his pocket.  He glanced at it but did not recognize the incoming number and obviously that was not the time for a phone conversation anyway.

            Later in the car, after having his fears confirmed and finding out his teaching contract would NOT be renewed, he listened to his phone message.   He had applied a few weeks before for a new job and the company wanted to interview him.  He took this as a sign- God had a plan. He had it all worked out and we were going to be fine.

            The interview was a few days later and it seemed to go very well.  Tim was qualified for the position, he had experience that would benefit the company perfectly, the interviewer was even Catholic and the two of them discussed their shared faith briefly.  Again, Tim felt at peace and confident.  Things were going to work out for the best.

            Another interview, with another company, came a few days later and that one included an offer on the spot.  Tim agreed to consider it and promised to get back with an answer soon.  But, in his mind, he felt sure the first job was the right one.  After all, God had sent it at the perfect time.

            So, we waited and waited and waited to hear back with an offer from the first job, the one we were sure was the perfect fit and, obviously, God’s choice for our family.  We reminded ourselves that if need-be the other job was there, but it felt like a last resort for us, a sort of plan B if job #1 for some strange reason did not work out.

            We waited and waited some more.  Tim called to follow up a few times but never got through to anyone.  His messages went unanswered.

            It did not make any sense but eventually it became increasingly obvious his phone call and offer were not coming.  We were confused, upset, disappointed.  How could we have interpreted God’s messages so wrong?  How could He have allowed our hopes to get up, only to be dashed in disappointment?

            And yet, the phone was not ringing and time was ticking ….

            Tim called the second company back and accepted that position.  Thankfully, they had been patient with his indecision and they did still want him.  The job is an entry level position.  Not exactly Tim's dream job, and not great money.  On the plus side, it is in the industry he wants to be in.   It may have great potential for advancement.  And, best of all, it is a Christian company.  

            This morning, Tim set off for his new job, without any gap in employment at all.  A little part of him (and me) still wondered about that first job though.  How could we not?  It had seemed God sent it to us Himself.  

I did not see Tim before he left the house this morning, so I called him on his way.  He shared with me that he had called the first company one last time before he left for work and today, FINALLY, he got through.  They had offered what we had been convinced was his perfect job to someone else some time ago.   We spoke a few more minutes then, Tim said, “I have to let you go.  I am here.”

   “Right where God wants you to be, I guess,” I said.

   “Yes.  It seems, I'm right where God wants me to be,” he answered confidently.


  1. God's plan for us is always infinitely better than what we have planned for ourselves. And sometimes, it takes a long time until we are able to look back and "see" that that was the case. (I know that has happened to me in my life) Fortunately, there was no gap in income for your family. Another way that God was watching over your family and keeping you all in His care. And who knows what is in store for Tim and his family in this new job! (Well, God knows!) God bless you. I'll pray that this new beginning of opportunities for Tim and you goes well. :)

  2. Gardenia- God's plan IS always better. I have seen that again and again in life. Yet I continue to make my own plans, and then, so often, to cling to them fiercely. We are still a little nervous about what the future holds. Hopefully this job will work out well, but like you said, only God knows for sure. Hopefully, I can remember to trust in Him the next time His plan differs completely from mine. :)

    God Bless!

  3. Kari,

    Congratulations to Tim on his new job!

    Sometimes I am so sure I know what's in God's mind. I can find so many reasons to make His will agree with mine. As you said, I can see His plan so clearly it is OBVIOUS! Except it doesn't turn out that way at all!!! So I can identify so closely with what you are saying.

    I am so happy Tim now has work and you can move on from wondering and hoping and maybe even worrying...

    God is good and I hope Tim finds real fulfilment in his new work.

    God bless you all!



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