Tuesday, May 7, 2013

How can I call myself a writer?

I love to think of myself as a writer.  I love to call myself a writer and identify myself with other writers.  

I love the sound of words as they flit around in my mind, joining together in ways that conjure up feelings in me until I know I’ve hit on a great story idea.  I love that once I have a great story idea, the words and story just pour forth and connect themselves on a deeper level until characters are created and settings are formed.  I love plots with thick complicated conflicts and twisting long-winded resolutions.  

But, sometimes my mind is dry.  There are no words coming together to make anything worthwhile.  Sometimes, I lack any inspiration or creativity at all.  Other writers seem to always be able to come up with something.  Other writers write everyday- without fail.  I admire those writers.  I can't help but want to be more like them.

But me?  I suffer from writer’s block quite often.  Some days, I want to write but I'm just unable.  Then other days, I don't really even feel like writing at all.  I am content to shut down that part of myself and focus on just being a mom sometimes.  So, how can I really call myself a writer?  

Maybe I should be honest and admit that what I really am is just a mom who sometimes writes.   

It is not such a bad thing to be, really.  I love being a mom even more than I love being a writer.  I do wish I could come up with unending creativity and fabulous stories every day of the week but when I can’t-- I guess, I really am still okay.  I have my children to care for, to play with, to focus on, to shower with love and attention.

Maybe my writer’s block days are really a gift.  A chance to take a break from trying to be too much and an opportunity to find contentment in my most important role….  

So, on second thought…. I love to think of myself as a mom who writes.  I love to call myself a mom who writes and identify myself with other moms and writers…..


  1. Kari, I consider myself a writer and I've never even written a novel! I've always thought about writing as I do the other gifts and talents from God! I am not a dancer...not b/c I don't take dance classes or perform on stage, but b/c I truly have 2 left feet...I'm not comfortable with rhythm. But writing...writing just flows from my fingertips whether I'm creating a short story...a diary/journal entry...or a class for my Master's program. Over the years, my teachers and college professors constantly wrote on top of my papers, "You are a fantastic writer!". Did I become a journalist? Nope. Have I written a novel? Nope. I've never even been published in a magazine? Nope. But God gave me the love of the written work and I am a writer.


    Different seasons in life allow for our craft to be used through various means...you are a home educator teaching your children how to write. You've published one novel and are well on your way to another. You are a writer!!!


    1. Valerie-

      Thank you for your encouragement. Of course, I can see what you are saying- how can I NOT call myself a writer? It is a part of me and something I enjoy so much.

      But, it seems, whenever I try to set writing goals for myself and approach it as a sort of part-time work-from-home job, I fail completely. I am much better at writing when I DO feel motivated and inspired, than holding myself to some sort of schedule that requires me to write everyday.

      So, as you so beautifully pointed out, I AM a writer, - but it's not a title I can claim as a career.

      But, really, that's okay. I've never been much of a career girl anyway. :)

      God Bless, Kari

  2. I wonder if I could call myself an artist, Kari. I used to have such passion and my days would be filled with painting and drawing. Even when I first had children, I'd carve out any spare time I could. Now, I feel the passion when I'm actually working on a picture but other things have crowded it out. Maybe, things might change when the younger children have grown more.

    Still, a 'mum who writes' does sound good! It reminds me of when I only had a couple of children. I was so proud of being their mother that I hated going out without them.

    God bless, Kari:-)

    1. Vicky-

      In my dreams, I am a successful novelist who spends hours each day writing and the words just flow all the time. But, like you, other things crowd out my writing energy and time many days. I tend to beat myself up when I am inconsistent with it because I feel consistency is important to improvement but life is busy. Perhaps, you are right and when my children are a little older- the consistency will come.

      For now, it comes back to that balance we have "talked" about before, doesn't it?

      Hope you are doing well.

      God Bless!

  3. A mom who writes is just perfect! No pressure put on yourself then. Even though I do see that button on your sidebar saying you are the "Winner NaNoWriMo 2012". So you are indeed a writer without an ego! I agree though that there are many times that do feel "dry" when writing. I am no writer at all! But I do enjoy playing around with it in my amateur way :) Keep on writing!

    1. Noreen-

      I am truly just a mom- who happens to write-- when I have the time and energy. Any success I've had as a writer has come only through the grace of God. I know that it is truly Him working through me, so I hope I never develop an ego about it!

      Lately, my writing has been very inconsistent so I hope He is working through me in other valuable ways too! :)

      I hope you will keep writing also- yours is a very inspirational blog.

      Many blessings, Kari

  4. Kari,

    You are both a mother and a writer, just like me. I'm sure that every writer has times when the words don't flow. They also have times when they don't feel inclined to write. I'm having one of those times right at the moment. All I have written for 1 1/2 weeks is my daily journal entry. I just haven't felt like writing anything else, which I think is okay. I don't have any deadlines to meet. I can spend time reading and mothering and knitting etc instead. One day I will wake up, bursting with ideas, eager to get back to writing. Maybe those days when we don't write are important. They give us time to be nourished in other ways. Sometimes I think we get low on inspiration and need filling up again with real life experiences and reading other people's works.

    God bless!

    1. Sue-

      I suppose we are luckier and more blessed than other writers because we have the gift of our families to focus on when the words don't flow. And, they are our support and our inspiration when the words do come. I think, as I wrote this and have since reflected more on it, that I wouldn't want life to be any different. There may be time alter to be a full time writer but for now, being a mom first and a writer second suits me.

      So glad to be able to share the blessings of both roles with you! I know you really do understand!

      Enjoy your "down time" but don't be gone from blogging TOO LONG, I'll miss your lovely stories!

      God Bless, Kari



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