Friday, May 10, 2013

The End

No, not of this blog but of so many other things……
This time of year brings so many endings.  The end of the school year, of course, but other endings too.  This year, it all seems so much more significant than in the past.  

A few weeks ago, Tim ended his two year program for his Master’s degree!  On June 1st he will graduate with his MBA.  This is one end I am thrilled with.  I am very proud of my husband for his hard work and dedication.  He earned his degree and kept his GPA above 3.5 all while balancing two jobs and a family as well.  

My oldest daughter is ending her last year of school before entering high school.  In my education, having gone to public school, there was no such thing as 8th grade graduation.  I learned from my Catholic school friends though that this is a pretty huge deal in some circles.  We will not be celebrating my daughter’s 8th grade graduation as a big milestone but my heart is painfully aware that it is a milestone, one which marks her rapidly dwindling childhood.  It means, of course, that there are only 4 more years until she sets off for college, leaving my little nest for the big, bad world.   I’m not ready for that yet, and I suspect, I won’t be in 4 short years either…..

And speaking of four years that have flown by incredibly quickly--Tonight is the end of my reign as Little Flowers leader.  We will have our last end-of-the-year tea party.  We have finished up the last of our 4 “wreathes”.  I’m sad about this ending too, as I will miss the fun of the meetings with the wonderful little girls I’ve come to love.   At the same time, I know life is getting busier and I would not have the same time or energy to devote to it next year.  I recognize that the timing is perfect since I need to free up a little more of my schedule for other endeavors.  Still, I don’t like “good byes”.

Wait, there’s more….My son quit boy scouts.  Maybe the timing is perfect for that too.  If the proposed changes go into effect, we were probably going to remove him from the organization anyway.  But on his own (and ignorant of the possible changes in policy) he decided he was done.  He just wasn’t enjoying it anymore.  

And then……We are discerning an end to our involvement in our amateur movie-making group.    The co-op we’ve been doing all year with three other families is almost over and we will not be continuing next year.  My “baby” will start pre-school next year so I feel like her babyhood is officially ending now (though at almost 4 years old she hasn’t really been a baby for a loooong time).  

The good news in all this though?  Summer is just about to BEGIN!  And that means almost three months of relaxation and family fun before I really have to face all the changes most of these ends will bring…..


  1. You all must be so excited about Tim's Masters degree, Kari! That's such a wonderful achievement.

    We had a period of change when our eldest left home, in January. It was a big adjustment but, even though we still miss her, it feels quite normal, now.

    I hope you all have smooth transitions.

    God bless, Kari:-)

    1. Vicky--

      We are all proud of Tim's accomplishment. It hasn't been easy but here we are at the end of it all and ready to reap the rewards! :)

      I hope your eldest is doing well. I cannot imagine how different that must have felt at first and how much you must have missed your first born.

      I suppose we do adjust to all changes in life eventually. God has made us resilient and He will see us through all our transitions.

      Thanks! God Bless!

  2. Hi Kari, there are so many changes going on in your family's life. All good but I can see your heart being pricked with a touch of sorrow. Little ones growing up and older ones moving on to high school. Big and wonderful changes! Congratulations to Tim on his Masters degree. That's impressive that he was able to juggle all that he did and keep such a high GPA. That's not easy.

    My son is debating whether or not to quit scouting too. He's just not that excited about it anymore and school work takes precedence but it certainly put up obstacles when he couldn't go on activities and campouts. He's behind his public school friends in achieving merit badges due to the conflict.

    You'll have to post how your last Little Flowers tea party went. I'm sure Little Flowers have been blessed through your leadership.
    Hope you had a nice Mothers Day too :)

    God bless!

    1. Noreen-

      So often, I look at my life and wish I could freeze time for just a little while. It just doesn't work that way though does it? Thankfully, there are always new blessings and adventures to come.

      Our Little Flowers party was wonderful. The girls had a great time and the moms and I got to sit and visit together which is a rare treat for me. :) I might post our craft if I get a few minutes to organize the pictures of it.

      Hope your son will be able to discern what is best concerning scouts. It really is a wonderful organization right now and helps boys to be good, strong men. But, it does take a lot of time and commitment.

      Many blessings, Kari



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