Monday, June 24, 2013

The Anecdote to Sin

           I turn on the television and it is on every show.  I open a magazine and it is in every headline.  I flip through the local radio stations and every song promotes it.  Sin is running rampant through our world.  And ours is a world that not only accepts sin, it seeks to normalize it, at times, even celebrates it.

It’s true that we all fall prey to sin.  It is an unavoidable part of the human condition.  I remember reading once that even Bl. John Paul II, seeing his own sinfulness, went to confession every week.  But, though, we cannot avoid all sin, all the time despite even our very best efforts, we must never give in to the belief that sin is acceptable, or normal, or worthy of celebration.  Sin is evil, pure and simple. 
           But there is hope!  read more.....

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  1. Wonderful article you wrote for CatholicPrints. Excellent!



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