Monday, July 15, 2013

Finding my place....

            I’ve been blogging for nearly five years now.  I began without having ever read a blog.  I had high hopes though and lots of great ideas.
I first envisioned my blog as a sort of online devotional.  I would share my stories of God working in my ordinary life and then add a thought or two for reflection.  I blogged with the hope that my stories might bring others closer to God.  

When I started, I was completely unaware that there existed a community of bloggers, who connect and share and build strong bonds through their little corners of cyberspace.  But, I soon discovered the world of Catholic “mom blogs” and the beautiful connections that came with them.  With that, my blog focus changed to be more of a mom blog.  It made perfect sense because all of my “devotional” stories were, at least in part, related to my experiences with motherhood.  

It’s really hard to be a successful mom blogger without being willing to share your children’s names and photos though.  That extra personal, visual touch aids A LOT in building connections.  Before I ever started blogging, Tim and I had decided that we weren’t comfortable putting our children’s names and faces online.  So my success as a mom blogger has been somewhat challenging.  And while I have lost a lot of my initial fear concerning the safety of sharing my children’s identities online (thus the baby pictures in my header), Tim and I still feel better erring on the side of caution when it concerns our children.  Thankfully, I have been blessed with some wonderful online friends and have made some beautiful connections even without sharing many pictures or any names.

And lately, my blog has sort of morphed again anyway.  I have always enjoyed writing and as my children gain a bit more independence leaving behind infancy and toddlerhood, I have had more time to devote to writing.  I have re-discovered the joy of fiction and the fun of exploring the written word more creatively.  My blog has become a place where I write about writing as much as anything else these days.  

So, over the years my focus has faltered a lot and now I wonder, what kind of blog do I really have? Is it really a devotional blog to inform and inspire, as I had originally hoped?  Is it a mom blog for offering support and sharing parenting ideas? Is it a writing blog where I share my passion for the written word?  Can it be all three?  

This is where my blogging thoughts and prayers have been focused this summer.  Without a clear vision, my blog has fizzled a bit in recent months so it seems fitting to take a break while I figure it all out.  Until I really discern the perfect answer, I will continue to pray and listen for God’s guidance… It may be days, or weeks, or months (!?!?!?!?)  But when I return full force to the blogging world, hopefully, I will have a clearer focus and renewed enthusiasm ……


  1. Kari, just wanted you to know that I finished your book and enjoyed it!

    1. Thank you so much Sister! I'm glad you enjoyed the story.

      Blessings, Kari

  2. Hugs, Kari! I will miss your posts, but I totally understand the position you're in. My blog has waxed and waned as well...and always b/c I have no real clear motive. :) I also find that when I begin writing to meet the needs of others rather than for myself, I experience tremendous writer's block. Hugs to you. Hope you drop by for a visit every now and then! Val

    1. Val--

      It's funny because I have been thinking about this for weeks and have posted very sporadically that whole time but as soon as I wrote this post, I came up with some new ideas and feel much more confident about moving forward. Writing about something always helps me process it.

      So, I guess my blogging break was only days....and now I have a new name and soon, a new look!

      Thanks, as always, for all your support! I count you among my most treasured online friends.

      Blessings, Kari



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