Monday, July 22, 2013

The real super heroes

           Fictional superheroes are all the rage these days.  Batman, Superman, Ironman, Spiderman, and many, many others fill comic books and bring out movie goers in droves.  There is just something amazing about the ability to fly or bend steel with your bare hands or shoot spider webs from your wrists.  And a hero willing to go to great lengths to pull poor vulnerable victims from the clutches of danger makes for an irresistible protagonist.

            Even cooler than those made up comic book heroes, though, are the world’s real super heroes.  Some of whom can do even more amazing things than bend steel beams (the need for which doesn’t really come up that often in life anyway, does it?).   

Can you imagine a mere mortal being in two places at once?  Levitating up to 6 feet off the ground?  Or bringing back people from the dead?  With the power of God and a great devotion to serving Him in all things, all these things are documented “super powers” of different saints throughout history.  

Canonized Catholic saints may not sound like superheroes.  They may not rank up there with Superman and Batman on action figure sales or blockbuster movie deals.   But they are the true super heroes of history, known for the indescribably great lengths they’ve gone to to pull poor vulnerable victims from Satan’s clutches.

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