Monday, May 4, 2015

Book Review: Kneel and Prey (Gabby Wells Thriller #1)

I read a lot of young adult fiction.  And I read a lot of Christian fiction.  In fact, those two genres pretty much sum up my entire literary life these days….

Kneel and Prey, the 1st Gabby Wells thriller, is like no other YA fiction I have come across before though.  Kneel and Prey is no light feel-good Christian fluff either. Full of mystery, suspense, and action, the story explores dark, evil themes taking the reader on an exciting and emotional ride.  Main character, Gabby Wells, is a motherless high school student who attempts to take on a terrorist and save a whole town from destruction. As she tries to stop a madman with a sinister agenda, she must also face her own inner struggles and personal losses.  

I love that Gabby Wells is a flawed and realistically sinful character.  She is Catholic and truly desires to serve and follow God. But even as she strives to do what’s right, she questions God and makes choices contrary to His will.  Gabby’s a little rough around the edges but, somehow, that makes her even more likable and genuine… and easy to relate to. 

Kneel and Prey was a welcome departure from the less intense Christian fiction I usually read.  The story had me gripping my Kindle with white-knuckles, tense and engrossed in the action right up to the unpredictable ending. And Gabby Wells, herself, had me cheering her on and praying for a happy ending right along with her. 

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  1. Thanks, Kari, for the very, very kind words :)



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