Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A new tradition for Shrove Tuesday

From a wonderful family friend we learned of the tradition of burying the Alleluia during Lent.  I had never heard of such a thing but this year we are excited to participate in the tradition ourselves.  Here are our Alleluia’s made lovingly out of construction paper and glitter:

 Tonight before bed we will all hide our beautiful alleluias somewhere in the house, so they will not be seen during the Lenten season.  The idea is to put away the Alleluia's we have made in the same way Alleluia is "put away" liturgically during the Lenten season. Then, when finally Easter is here and we can celebrate the Resurrection, we will pull out our Alleluias and display them prominently for all to see, just as we will again proclaim “Alleluia” joyfully in our Church!

I love this idea!  Thank you so much Mrs. C. for sharing this beautiful tradition with us!

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  1. Kari,

    I have nominated you for a Lobster Award. It's something different! Please take a look at my latest blog post.



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