Thursday, April 19, 2012

Be careful what you search for...

It started out simply enough—I was searching for a quick, easy rosary craft for my upcoming Little Flowers girls club meeting.  Our saint of the month is the Blessed Virgin Mary and I thought a rosary craft would be perfect for the girls (all of them between the ages of 7-9).   I went to Pinterest and typed the word “rosary” into the search box.  I waited a minute for it to load, expecting to find a bunch of wonderful, wholesome, appropriate, Catholic ideas to choose from.  How could a search for “rosary” yield anything else?

            To my surprise and disappointment, I saw nothing at all that could help me plan a Little Flowers craft and SO many things that made me feel as though I should rush off to Confession just for having accidentally viewed them.  There was image after image of scantily clad men and women holding and/or wearing rosaries.  There were a few appropriate pictures of beautiful rosaries and a picture or two of the Blessed Mother but all interspersed between horribly offensive, sexually explicit photos of rosaries as costume jewelry or fashion accessories.  To say I was appalled would be putting it WAY TOO LIGHTLY!  

            I was traumatized. Hurt. Disgusted.

            Is nothing sacred anymore?  Has this oversexed, immoral, self-serving, relativistic world we live in really gone so far off the deep end they cannot respect ANYTHING good and holy anymore?  Am I the only one who thinks this is a big deal and a sign of something intrinsically evil at work?

            So, first, I have sent a copy of this post (in the form of a letter of complaint) to the administrators of Pinterest and have asked them to remove every reference to the Rosary that does not reflect prayer and reverence.  Second, I am sharing my experience here as a warning to good Catholics to be VERY careful what you search for at Pinterest. And, third I am asking for rosaries to be offered up for this world I am raising my children in.  

            I have heard the rosary is the best weapon we have to fight evil.  So rather than using it to promote an agenda of sin, let’s use it for what it is intended- the prayer this world really, really needs!


  1. That is really too bad, you can see how the devil is hard at work against anyone praying the rosary.

    I have done rosary crafts for our little girls group, (Mary's Little Crowns, a Schoenstatt Nun group) Anyway, I've done edible decade rosaries using bright colored pipe cleaners and cheerios and fruit loops, I've done decade rosaries with that plastic string and key rings and pretty beads and had enough medals and crucifixes to give too. Is there a rosary making group at your church? Maybe they would like help?

  2. If you do a search for "Rosary Craft" instead, you'll get a ton...also try Catholic she has a ton of ideas.

  3. Kari,

    This week I was fortunate to attend some spiritual talks given by a Franciscan Friar of the Immaculate. We have always said the Rosary but my devotion to this prayer has been renewed after Fr reminded us of how the Rosary is the shortest and easiest way to Heaven. In this world where they are so many spiritual dangers like the ones you have written about, we really need the Rosary and our Blessed Mother. Both are great gifts we have been given.

    I hope you find some suitable Rosary crafts. Perhaps you can post photos of what you end up making with your girls.

    God bless!

  4. Jaime- Thank you for your suggestions. I have checked out Catholic Icing- which I should have done to start with!! I found little one decade rosaries made out of plastic beads and pipe cleaners, that sound like what you have done. They will work perfectly, I think.

    In the future, I will probably stay away from searches on Pinterest and stick to blogs I trust instead! :)

    Thanks again, Kari

  5. Sue- We are so blessed to have the Rosary, it provides us with so many graces. I love where you said, "the rosary is the shortest and easiest way to Heaven". I fear it may be the quickest way to Hell for those abusing it. What can we do but pray that they will learn the error of their ways and embrace the blessings God wants to bestow upon them through His Blessed Mother.

    Thank so much, Kari

  6. I've encountered a violent reaction from my strongly Protestant family since I converted to the Catholic faith. Almost all of the reactions center around the rosary. And yet, praying the rosary daily with my husband when he had his first stroke led me to the Church. The rosary is such a beautiful, powerful Christ-centered prayer---and such a very powerful weapon against evil. When members of my family begin their "rosary rants", I just pray the rosary. Interstingly, several have contacted me and asked for more information about the rosary and one asked for a rosary!



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