Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Holy week reflections

Holy Week!  We have been busy at our house with Holy Week stories, crafts, and activities.  With the Triduum starting tomorrow we spent some of our school time this morning reflecting on Jesus' passion and the events leading up to it.  

We started with our Resurrection Eggs.  Tim and I bought these years ago but they have spent the last few years on a shelf.  When I pulled them out, they literally had a 1/2 inch of dust on them.  I had forgotten how wonderful they are though.  The kids enjoyed opening the eggs and discussing the symbols in them, then I read the accompanying reflection in the book and we talked even more about what Jesus really went through for us.  

After that, I found this video on Youtube and played it for the children.  My seven year old, especially, was touched by the reality and intensity of Jesus' suffering.  He is too young to watch The Passion but Todd Agnew's beautiful song and the somewhat graphic images of the video were just enough to get the point across without scaring him too much.

Then, we went to Mass.  It was an even more moving experience after our morning of prayer and contemplation.  Later, we will watch our documentary about The Shroud of Turin.  And then..... I think we will be really ready for the Triduum.....

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