Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Marian Craft

I started with this, my initial sketch and basic idea:

Then I gathered some supplies:

Felt- in cream color, light blue, dark blue, and black

Felt glue, puffy paints, ribbon, also (not pictured) brown yarn, scrapbooking "brads", and permanent markers
Did a little prep work:

Made a template
Traced the pieces onto the felt (with a little help from my daughters)

Printed out the Magnificat
Then we were ready for crafting:

And our finished projects turned out beautifully!
Ironically this was NOT my answer to the great Rosary craft search disaster.  This was our craft for the first Little Flowers meeting on Mary.  It was a more simple craft, for our second meeting of the month, that prompted the aforementioned search and subsequent upset, but I decided to share this craft because I now see the need to flood the internet with beautiful holy references to Our Blessed Mother to counteract the more negative things out there.  And because I thought others might be on the look out for crafts to celebrate Marian feast days.  And because it is almost May, the month that we dedicate to honoring Mary.  And because "my" girls did such a beautiful job I wanted to show their banners off!


  1. Your girls did a beautiful job on their Marian craft. Way to go Mom for coming up with this lovely idea. I'm always on the look out for a beautiful way to express our love and honor of Our Lady. Thanks so much for sharing (and a great activity for a LF meeting too -- we're starting our LF group this Fall ) I will definitely use your craft -- God bless your day!!

  2. I love your felt Mary!
    Thanks for sharing at !



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