Thursday, March 22, 2012

Be careful what you wish for.....

Before I started home schooling I was sure it would be the magical solution to all sorts of problems.  I was sure it would make my children get along wonderfully, erasing all signs of sibling rivalry and transforming them all into the closest of friends.  I was sure it would make them all adore learning, turning them into eager little geniuses always looking for more knowledge and full of gratitude for the opportunity to grow in wisdom and aptitude.  I also thought it would make me unendingly patient and calm.  

So far, seven years into this home schooling journey, we have yet to achieve any of my original goals of perfection.  The last two days, however, I have seen some promising signs that, at least, one of my goals may soon be reached with, at least, one of my children. 

My two year old is turning out to be a VERY eager learner.  If the past few days are any indication, she will most certainly be the diligent, zealous, hard-working student which I have always dreamed of.

Let me illustrate.  

 She starts her school day by climbing up to the table and finding some paper, any paper will do because she is that enthusiastic to get to work.  She will then proceed to cover the paper, completely, with her signature swirls of color.   This is her journal- and if asked, she will even explain her picture in great detail.   

Every day, she insists on working with the math manipulatives.  She loves to use dice, dominoes, and counting bears in her math work, making sure she understands perfectly the concepts of sorting, dumping, scattering, and losing. 

 Her favorite lately, seems to be her “belling dests” (spelling tests) though.  She asks for them repeatedly all day long.  Even after the other children are all done with their work and have moved on to playing she follows me around saying over and over, “Mommy, I’m ready for my belling dest.  Mommy, I’m ready for my belling dest.  Mommy, I’m ready for my belling dest.  Mommy, I’m ready for my belling dest…….”  (You get the idea) Ironically, her belling dests, when I do find a minute to “play school” with her, look an awful lot like her journals.  

It’s funny, I finally have the eager little learner I always wanted yet, now that she is here, nagging and nagging begging and begging for more work…… my patience seems to be wearing thinner than ever…….

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