Sunday, March 18, 2012

Easter ideas...found!

So....I've spent the last few days looking for great ideas for a more holy, Christ-centered Easter celebration.  I was hoping for a deluge of ideas in my comment box.... but no such luck.  Taking matters into my own hands, I turned to the "net" and found a few ideas I like.  I thought I'd share the ideas and links I found......

First, and my favorite, Stations of the Resurrection.  I found something about them at both Shower of Roses and Catholic Icing.  My family really enjoys attending and praying the Stations of the Cross and these are the Easter counterpart to that traditional Lenten devotion.  As soon as I saw them, I knew we had to incorporate these into our 50 days of Easter.

Second, Holy Week/Easter banners found here.  In the past, we have always decorated for Easter in the midst of Lent.  Understanding the error of our ways we stopped doing that in more recent years.  However, last year we never got around to decorating at all.  This year, and in the future, I would like to decorate, and decorate big, making our home reflect the joy and beauty of the Easter season.  These banners seem like the perfect starting point, and maybe we will add a few bunnies and eggs to the shelves too.

Third, also found at Catholic Icing (though I found them through Pinterest), adorable Easter breakfast treats (made from donuts) celebrating the Resurrection.  I do not know if we will make these a new tradition for every year but we are definitely going to enjoy them this year!

I'd still love to hear how others honor the season in their homes but for now, I am looking forward to a more meaningful and more sacred celebration of the holiday holy day at our own house this year.

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  1. Kari,

    I haven't really any wonderful ideas to share. We need to adopt some new traditions too!

    One thing we do remember to do every year, is sing our favourite Easter hymn "By Your Kingly Power O Risen Lord", at home after Mass on Easter Sunday. I have filmed everyone singing this hymn for quite a few years now. Each year we notice changes as everyone gets older. We also notice the changes in the singing voices as voices improve! After we have sung, we have morning tea and give each other eggs.

    We also bake an Easter nest egg cake. It's a chocolate cake decorated with chocolate frosting and a chocolate nest. We melt chocolate and spread it on a tray. When it has set, the chocolate is broken up into pieces which are then poked into the top of the iced cake to make a nest. We add little eggs to the nest, take a photo and then enjoy! The cake has more to do with a secular Easter than a spiritual one, but because it is a family tradition, it has great value to us.

    I must follow your links and make some plans to add a few new traditions to our celebration.

    God bless!



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