Thursday, March 15, 2012

Wanted: Special Easter traditions

        A friend recently asked me if my family had any special devotions or traditions for Easter.  I was surprised as I thought about it, that none came to mind.  We have lots of special devotions for Lent.  We have, always in the past, acknowledged Holy Week with a few devotions and activities, but not consistent ones year after year.  We have lots of traditions for every other holiday and celebration throughout the year, but Easter?  The most holy day of the year, the greatest celebration we, as Christians, ever participate in?  Nothing really.

        Our Easter always starts with Mass, of course, (the children all dress in their special Easter outfits), and with Easter baskets overflowing with candy and treats, and an Easter egg hunt all over the house.  But that is all.  No special devotions, no special Easter prayers, no special traditions unique to our family.  Nothing that sets the holiday apart as more sacred and more significant than any other holiday.  I have just never been able to figure out a tradition or devotion quite special and significant enough.  

        So, I'm wondering, what do other strong, Catholic families do to celebrate Easter and make it holy and special and sacred?   I would love to have my wonderful readers and faithful companions in the blogging world (and real life) share with me their ideas and traditions.

        Please leave a comment and share with me all about your family's Easter traditions.....

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  1. You know, that's a really good question! Besides the things that you mentioned we don't do anything extra either!



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