Monday, May 14, 2012

Is it summer break yet?

            We are about 2 weeks from finishing up our school year.  In fact, we are at that point in the home schooling year when half of our subjects are all done.  We finished up science a long time ago.  Both boys are done with their math workbooks and have just been working on math drills for a few days now.  We are down to our last chapters in religion. 

            We are actually really close to finishing up all our subjects.  One might think, since we are so close, that we would be extra motivated to just complete the remaining work.  On the contrary, no one at my house seems to be able to find any motivation.  

            Last week, as I looked over my children’s journal entries, I found the following from my 10-year-old son:
“It is very hard to do school.  It has been for the past two weeks now.  Everyone just wants to be done with school.  And there is only one reason: OUR BRAINS HAVE FRIED!  They have been morphed into shriveled up figs due to overworking and overheating.  Our poor brains are dying of exhaustion!  And the only cure is… early summer vacation.”
My son included this diagram to be sure I  understood the gravity of the situation.
My nine-year-old daughter had this to say:
“This year my brain went on summer break before me.  I guess it went to Alaska or Mexico.  Now my brain is not here and it is really hard to finish my school work.  Lots of people say that their brains are on summer break.”  
I suspect the “lots of people” she mentions, refers mostly to her own brothers and sister.  But, maybe her mother and father could be included too…. the truth is, the teachers are feeling a little fried themselves!  

Is it summer break yet?!?!?!?!?


  1. very cute. Your children have creative minds!!

  2. Thanks! They ARE creative-- crazy sometimes, but always creative! ;)



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