Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A slippery slope

I have been trying to write a blog post all day.  The words were just not coming.  I could not figure out how to say what has been in my heart and mind the last few days.  Then on Pinterest I found this quote, along with a beautiful picture of our Holy Father—
“We can see, he said, how evil seeks to dominate our world, through cruelty and violence, but also in more subtle ways, posing as a force for good while destroying the moral foundations of society.  Recalling also the words of Our Lord, ‘Take heart, I have overcome the world’, Pope Benedict said we are on the Lord’s team and therefore we will be victorious.”
For the full article it came from click here.

The Holy Father, in his great wisdom, expresses perfectly what has come up repeatedly in my life lately.   Evil is all around us.  The devil is at work.  He seeks to pull us from what is right and good and drag us to his level.  He is sneaky.  He is deceiving.  And he is convincing.  We must fight his attempts on our souls with prayer and truth and the strength of the Lord.  It is the only way to win the fight.  On our own, we are weak and we are easily led astray.  But, with Christ, we can win the battle.

Last night with my family, I watched the movie, “A Man for All Seasons”.  As I watched, I kept thinking that evil is such a slippery slope.  It is so easy to give in to it, especially when everyone else is.  And when we do let evil in, it has a tendency to grow and spread.  I was so struck by the people that continually worked against St. Thomas More, trying so hard to lure him to compromise his beliefs and values and give in to sin.  The prevailing attitude in England at that time was “it is just not a big deal, it is just not worth fighting.”  How close it was to the world I live in, where SO many people around me seem to feel that very same way about the injustices and evil in our country.  

Thankfully, we have our wonderful Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, leading us.  And we have some good and holy priests and bishops in our own country, who are willing to stand up to our government and hold fast to the truth.  Let us support them all and pray for them.  And let us be inspired by the life of St. Thomas More and many other good and holy saints, who show us by their examples that evil is a big dealAnd we absolutely need to fight against it.  With God on our side, we will be victorious.

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