Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mother's day blessings- a re-post

I wrote this list a few years ago.  It was my very first Mother's Day post.  I was, at the time, expecting my fifth child.  

Life has been busy, busy, busy this week and I have not had time to even think about an original Mother's Day post.  But I remembered this one and decided to re-post.  It really says it all.....

 "On this Mother's Day I want to take the time to count my many blessings....especially those most unexpected little blessings of motherhood that I never anticipated but am so grateful to have the chance to experience......

A.  artwork.  My children are truly my favorite artists.  I love their drawings especially the pictures of themselves when they first start making people.  There is something so precious about a lopsided smiley face with arms and legs coming out!

B.  baby baths.  I love the smell of fresh clean kids, their drippy little hair and faces, the cute little squirty toys....but I mostly love when my husband takes a turn giving baths!

C. conversations.  The things my kids and I talk about range from silly to meaningful to ridiculous but I love hearing their thoughts and views on life.

D. dinner.  I have said it before, both a blessing and a challenge with kids, but mostly a blessing.

E. ears.  It sounds so silly but my kids have the cutest little ears.  

F. friends.  Both my own  friends, who I met through my kids, and  the wonderful little friends my children have made through the years.  I am blessed to have lots of great kids in my life.

G. giggling. Those first belly laughs when they are only a few months old are priceless, and hearing the giggle of a child never gets old.

H. helpers.  In a house full of kids, no one has to work alone, especially when baking cookies or brownies!

I.  ideas.  The things they come up with- their imaginations are inspiring!

J. just hanging out. Sometimes it seems like I'm in the minority but I actually enjoy spending time with my children!

K. kicks, and especially rolls in utero.  It is indescribable but so amazing to feel your unborn baby stirring within you.

L.  learning.  As a mother, I have learned so much....and only about half of it during our school time!  There are so many lessons that can only be learned by giving of yourself.

M. Mass. What an amazing blessing to share and pass on my Catholic faith to my children.

N.  notes, on my pillow at night in shaky handwriting with creative spelling that I sometimes have trouble deciphering= some of my most treasured love letters.

O.  overalls. My little boys lived in them until they were potty trained. There is no cuter outfit for a little boy than plain old denim overalls!

P.  pitter-pat of little feet.  I love the sound of toddlers running on the tile floor, it is like listening to a smile of sheer joy!

Q. quiet-game.  Who can be quiet the longest?  One of their favorites, and my all-time favorite!

R.  reading.   I love reading to my children, they love being read to even more.  We have spent countless hours cuddled up together with good books.

S.  sound of thumb-sucking thru the baby monitor in the middle of the night.  Too cute, and so comforting to not have to walk down the hall to check if they are breathing to know they are all right.

T.  Tim. Of course, Tim has been a huge blessing in my life since I met him, even before we had children, but seeing him as a daddy has given me a deeper love and appreciation for him.

U. ultrasound.  It is like getting a glimpse of God at work, as He creates a new masterpiece.

V. Veggietales. Okay, I admit it I am just as entertained by Bob, Larry and Junior Asparagus as they are!

W.  watching.  The pride in watching a child learn to read, tie their own shoes for the first time, or ride a bike with no training wheels... nothing can compare!

X. x-citement over the littlest things.  Having children changes your perspective on everything- who would have thought I would get so thrilled about seeing VW Beetles drive past us on the road?

Y. yucky list.  A personal family solution to picky little eaters.  It works for us. 

Z. zzzz- I may have never really appreciated a good night’s sleep until I brought my first baby home and realized how rare sleep would become!"

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