Tuesday, January 22, 2013

40 years....


In the party stores, this milestone is very significant- commemorated with "over the hill" signs and black balloons.  

Black seems especially fitting for this 40th anniversary--

Because for 40 years, it has been acceptable in this country to kill a child who is seen as an "inconvenience" or an "accident."  

Today, I am praying we will finally get "over the hill " (mountain) of selfishness and indifference that have allowed this to go on so long.  I pray that we, as a country, will get "over" considering murder acceptable and appropriate under any circumstances.  

I realize it will take a miracle considering the state of this country and the people in the current administration, but today, I am praying we will not make it to 41 years of legalized abortion.

I ask that you please take a few minutes today and pray with me.

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