Monday, January 14, 2013

A very meaningful giveaway

In just a little more than a week we will commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Roe V. Wade decision to legalize the murder of innocent pre-born life.  This is a devastating anniversary and my heart aches as I think about all the pain that has followed that monumental court decision.  I wonder, sometimes, what can I really do to change this nation and promote a respect for the beauty and sacredness of all life.  

Sometimes, it seems there is not much I can do.

But, I can pray and pray and pray.  And I can instill in my own children a respect for human life.   I can also share my own pro-life values through this blog and through my gift for writing, a gift which God has bestowed upon me.   

So, in order to share the pro-life message as best I can, I am going to offer my pro-life novel, The Life I Dreamed free of charge for three days next week.  Beginning on January 21 and ending on January 23, the Kindle copy of my novel will be available at Amazon for no charge at all.  

 Please feel free to download your own copy and to tell everyone you know about this great giveaway! 

And on January 22 (and always) please join your prayers with mine, and with those of all the pro-life community, for an end to abortion and a greater respect for all human life- from conception to natural death.


  1. Kari,

    What a generous offer and great idea to promote the pro-life message. Thank you! I have shared the link on Facebook, both on my timeline and on the Australian Catholic Families page.

    God bless!

    1. Sue- Thank you for helping me to spread the word! So often I wish there was more I could do to promote pro-life values, I am hoping this little giveaway I am offering will change a heart or two..... Or at least strengthen the views of others who are already pro-life.

      Thanks again, Kari

  2. Hi Kari, I saw your giveaway through Sue and came over to say hello! It's sad that when I blog about being pro-life, I get very few visitors and less comments. I blog about a craft and visitors come and read it. I wish as a nation we were more worried about the unborn and less about crafting.

    1. Noreen-- Your observation is so true, and so, so sad. Of course, the best way to make a difference is through our prayers, but I am hoping God might use my book in positive ways too. I truly hope it will touch those who read it.

      Thank you so much for stopping by and for sharing.

      May God shower His blessing upon you and your family, Kari



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