Thursday, January 31, 2013

Precious memories-- part 2

Yesterday, I wrote about the precious memories I have from when my first baby really was a baby still.  Then I started thinking about how every day I am making precious memories with my children.  I don’t always see it in the moment but every day with my children is a gift and a blessing.  

In ten years, when I look back to this little window of time, I suspect I will feel about it, the same way I feel about those quiet, simple days when I had only one child and lots of time to spend with her.  

These days, my life is much, much busier and my schedule is much, much crazier but it is all still precious.  These are the days I have all five of my children at home and I am home schooling multiple grades.  These are the days I drive my oldest to math co-op and my youngest to swim lessons (well not in January, but from April to September every Tuesday and Thursday) and referee fights over which kid gets to sit in which seat every single time we get in the van to go somewhere!  These are the days that I am a master at teaching second grade phonics and overseeing eighth grade Algebra 1, all with a toddler at my heels begging me to help her with her pre-school workbook or to play doll house with her.  

I can carry on five different conversations and field phone calls from every solicitor in town wanting to sell me something and make dinner for my family of seven- all at once.  I can fold laundry and read Dr. Seuss and braid my daughter’s hair almost simultaneously.  There is something to be said for all that! 

Someday, I will not be so needed.   

And, I will miss all this.

This time with my kids is precious and this chapter in my life, like all chapters, is fleeting.  I am making precious memories with my kids every day.  I just pray God will help me to remember that the next time I am completely overwhelmed and want a minute- just ONE minute to myself.


  1. Kari,

    Do you keep a diary? I wonder if you are recording all these special family memories so you can enjoy them fully in the future. I forget so much, even though I am sure I will remember forever. When I take out my journal and read old entries, all those wonderful moments of former years return, and I enjoy them all over again.

    Kari, you will always be needed, just in different ways!

    God bless!

    1. Sue- I have never been very good at keeping a daily diary but I am trying to write everyday now and most days, lately, my writing is about the little ups and downs of daily life. I hope my little musings will one day be re-read and treasured as a keepsake of the past.

      I suppose you are right about always being needed. Though my kids are still pretty young, I worry already what my life will be when they are all grown and gone from our home. I am sure, when that time does come, that God will give me lots of new adventures and lots of ways to be needed though. :)

      Blessings to you and yours!



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