Sunday, January 20, 2013

My new "job"

When I put in my two week notice back in late December, quitting my job of three months, I made a decision to devote more time to writing.  If ever I had to work outside the home, writing would be my dream job.  Getting paid to put words to paper- either in fictional stories or informative articles or descriptive accounts of real life events- it all sounds like fun to me.   Even though, no one is paying me, I have decided to try to approach my writing almost as though it IS a job--  My new job, where I am employer and employee both.  And I must be self-motivated and self-disciplined to have any chance of success.  

My hope is to spend at least an hour a day writing.  Late in the afternoon, after all the schoolwork is finished and the kids want nothing more than a little downtime spent playing all on their own, I can certainly find the time to play around with my fiction ideas or write the blog posts I had so little time for through the Advent and Christmas seasons.

I have been finished with my out-of-the-house job for more than a week now- and well…..  my intentions have been great but my follow-through has been not quite perfect.  The whole family (except me and my oldest daughter) have spent the last week taking turns with the flu.  It has gone from one family member to the next with not even one day of full health in the last 9 days!  As soon as I thought we were out of the woods and no one else would get it, another victim would fall prey to the high fevers, runny noses, and scratchy throats.  Between taking lots of temperatures and getting lots of cool rags for burning little heads, writing has not been forefront in my mind.

I guess this week has been proof that this is the perfect new "job" for me-- it will never get in the way of my family and I will never get in trouble when life comes before work.  Still, I hope next week will be quieter louder and healthier around here and that I will be able to settle into a routine of regular writing.  Maybe I'll even get to finish the story that has been in my mind for a few weeks but up to now, has only had a few paragraphs actually written down.  

Even now there is so much more I’d love to write about…but my latest patient is still burning up and in need of his mommy……

Oh-- Just one more quick thing before I go check on my sick little boy though--- tomorrow begins the free e-book promotional offer of my novel The Life I Dreamed...check it out here!


  1. Kari,

    I am so sorry to hear you and your family are unwell. I hope you are all better soon.

    You sound very much like me: mothering and homeschooling my children is my first priority and nothing will ever change that. But... I also feel the call to do something additional, something that fits in with my family. In my case that is writing too.

    I think about the possibilities of writing for money but I don't think I have the necessary drive and business sense to have a proper career. In a way I'd rather just write stories for my blog, and hopefully share some encouragement and support through them. But you are different in this area. You have already published your first novel. I can see you having a very successful writing career.

    I hope many people are taking advantage of the generous free offer of your novel. Did you see Ellen's review?

    God bless!

    1. Sue- You are certainly a talented enough writer to make a living at it if you ever wanted to. We love your Angels of Abbey Creek book and are anxiously awaiting its publication so we can help to promote it! I actually do understand your not feeling the need to make it a job though. There is a lot of freedom in writing for the joy of it and not feeling pressure to make it a "job".

      I work better with a little pressure to keep me on track and self-disciplined though. As long as it is not TOO much pressure, that is.

      So far, my free e-book promo has been VERY successful. I have given away over 250 books! And there is still another day and a half to go. Ellen's review has surely helped tremendously, as has the opportunity to share my giveaway as as a guest blogger over at Catholic Moms Connect (

      Thanks for helping me to spread the word through your facebook groups also.

      Blessings, Kari



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