Thursday, March 7, 2013

My mountaintop views


           I’ve been reading other people’s blogs today.  Not the ones I usually read- written by other Catholic moms much like me- but blogs by women who have no children, who have lives filled with exciting worldly adventures that are nothing like my quiet domestic existence.  

I usually stick with blogs I know and bloggers I can relate to.  But once in a while, it is fun to get a peek into other people’s realities.  Realities that include rock climbing and spontaneous moves across the country and whirlwind romances that culminate in dramatic marriage proposals.  This is what I love about reading-- both fiction and blogs.  Reading opens doors that nothing else can in life.  It teaches us so much about others and about ourselves, and about how we are all so different and yet all so very, very alike too.

Getting little peeks into other people’s lives also reminds me that I really love my own quiet domestic life.  I love my little adventures—like the trip to the library with my kids this morning.  What could be more adventurous than going into a peaceful library full of retirees on a Thursday morning with five energetic children along?  It may not come with breath taking views or life changing decisions but its adventure just the same.   

Then coming home (with dozens of new books to delve into later) to get some lunch for the five energetic children?  Its an adventure, I assure you!  Picture an ordinary suburban kitchen bustling with hungry kids all grabbing for the peanut butter jar and fighting over the bag of chex mix.  Who needs a mountaintop view?  Other people may have some pretty spectacular experiences in their exciting adventurous lives.  But, I’ll take the view of my children’s sticky peanut buttery faces smiling at me with love over mountaintops any day.

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  1. I get it...I totally do! I read a blog about a family with a Down Syndrome kiddo and they live a life so incredibly rich and full of experiences...a life that tickles the senses...

    ...but I need to remind myself that my life is pretty awesome too. It might not involve impromptu beach picnics or jaunts to Miami...we have to Michigan cabin to visit when we need to experience snow...

    ...but my boys and daughter interact with children from different countries every single day at their tiny Catholic school...they interact with seniors and have read nearly every book at our tiny one-stoplight-town public library...

    ...and their lives are good and rich and full of faith and family experiences. We live on the peak of our own private mountain!

    1. Val-

      As I was reading about other people's exciting lives I found myself starting to compare them to my mundane life, and then it hit me. I am SO very blessed. And, really, I wouldn't change a thing. My days with my children are far more precious than any rock climbing expedition or hike up a mountain side.

      And anyway, I'm afraid of heights!


  2. Kari,

    Adventures take lots of energy. I find it hard to work up enough energy just to get to town to do the shopping! I have been mulling this over recently. Not so many years ago, I'd get into the van with a load of little kids and we'd travel all over the place visiting friends and family. And now I just want to stay at home. I guess that's where my heart is. I love my everyday life with my children! Maybe one day I will have to become adventurous if my children grow up and move away and I want to visit and see my grandchildren. Unless of course we buy those 6 houses in one street!

    God bless!

    1. Sue-

      I really love quiet days at home too. Adventures sound so exciting but home is where my heart is too!

      I still love that idea of all living on the same street. Not sure I can talk MY kids into it but what fun it would be if I could....

      God Bless, Kari



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