Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday date night

            Tonight is the annual father-daughter dance at our church once again.  And once again, Tim is attending with our three beautiful daughters.  After a crazy whirlwind of getting the girls dressed in their fancy dresses and fixing their hair in perfect princess do’s they were off to the dance.

That left the two boys and I home alone with nothing special on the calendar for the three of us.  Last year, we had our own party with some ice cream sundaes and a few of our friends.  This year, we were not organized enough to plan a party.  We opted, instead, for a quiet evening at Barnes and Noble where we perused the children’s section, bought a few algebra workbooks for my oldest daughter, and then ended our evening with frappuccinos at the B & N café.  

I rarely get time with just my boys so it was a nice opportunity to spend a little time with them.   We didn’t talk of anything special.  They tried to convince me to allow them to watch a movie when we got home but I said no.  Then, we talked a little about the amazing variety of terrible books on the shelves of the store (how many vampire stories does the world really need?)   My 7 year old was thrilled with the huge selection of Magic Tree House Books.  He was not quite sure what his brother and I meant about the store not having much worth reading.  With such an array of his beloved Jack and Annie stories, he didn’t care if every other book in the store was about vampires and not on the mommy approved reading list!

Just a nice, uneventful, quiet evening for the boys and I.  Now I am anxious to hear how the dance went….. not so quiet I bet!  :)


  1. Can't wait to hear all about the dance! What a sweet event that your church sponsors. I may need to get more info from you about this event. We are building a new church...possible fundraiser event!!!

    1. The dance has become a wonderful tradition- both for our church and for our own family. I would love to give you more details if you are really interested in bringing a similar event to your church. You can e-mail me at:



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