Monday, February 11, 2013

I only have a few minutes....

I was going to write a blog post in honor of Our Lady of Lourdes.  It was going to be about how last week my children and I watched the old movie, "The Song of Bernadette." And much to my children's surprise, it was a wonderful, captivating, very moving movie.  I was delighted by how enthralled they were with the movie which they first scoffed at for being old and in black and white- yuck!

I also had a book review I really intended to work on.  I finished In This House of Brede (by Rumer Godden) a little more than a week ago and am anxious to share my thoughts on the fictional story of the Brede monastery and a community of nuns living there in the late 1950's, early 1960's.

Then, this morning I saw the news of our beloved Holy Father and his resignation from the papal office.  Well after that my thoughts were so caught up in the shocking news that I figured I would abandon my other blog ideas and write about my feelings in response. 

But, then my little one started acting out of sorts just after lunchtime- while I was busy trying to prep for my Little Flowers meeting that was scheduled to begin in less than an hour from that time.  I took her temperature to find that, for the third time in as many months, she was feverish.  When my youngest gets sick she wants her mommy.  She wants me right next to her, close enough that she can hug my arm and lay her head on my shoulder.  

I figured my writing plans were doomed today....

But, she is napping now- and still burning up, poor little thing.  So, even though I have tons to say and my mind is swirling with thoughts... this is the best I can muster as far as my blog goes.....


  1. Oh Kari, so sorry to hear about your little one! Some winters are like that, no? We will wait with anticipation for your thoughts on our dear Pope's resignation. But for now, you have more pressing matters at hand. Hugs for your little one.

    1. Thank you! After an evening of lots of snuggles, my little one woke up this morning talking a mile a minute and wanting her breakfast. The fever is gone, let's hope it doesn't come back again! :)

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Nichole- Your comments were so kind,but I try to keep the children's names out of my blog, for their safety and privacy. So though I removed them, I really appreciated your comments.

      Thankfully, my little one seems to be back to full health today!

      God Bless you!

  3. Thanks for letting me know, I am sorry about that. I will remeber, for next time.I am very thankful God answered our prayers, your little one is back to full health.

    God Bless you,



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