Thursday, April 18, 2013

A well timed time-out, I hope....

            When I started following more writing blogs I hoped it would lead to greater inspiration in my own writing.  Instead, I find myself reading about writing a WHOLE LOT MORE than I am actually doing any writing….. about anything at all.  

All the fascinating posts other people write about the process of writing- both fiction and non-fiction- have totally captivated me.  Now, all the time I have for writing is spent reading what others write.  And my own projects have totally been placed on the back burner.  

And yet somehow, I am less inspired than ever.  How did that happen?!?!??!  

I am afraid one can spend too much time studying one’s art and not enough time actually practicing it.  I'm afraid I have fallen into this trap and now I am over analyzing every word that comes into my mind.  Writing has felt like just one more tedious duty on the long list of things I must do. 

This weekend, Tim and I are attending our Teams of Our Lady couples retreat.  I pray the time away will benefit our marriage, of course, since that is what it is all about, but I hope it will give me time to reflect on other things as well.  

 I hope there will be an opportunity to just sit with my thoughts for a while.  I really think I need to take a time-out from the busyness of life and sort out my priorities.  I need to find a way to fit in all that I have going on in life—the really important things like prayer, parenting, home schooling, and home making, and then all the other things I juggle too- like blogging, fiction writing, marketing my completed novel, editing my 2nd novel, etc…...  


  1. I think I did this with my art, Kari. I read a lot about other people's techniques but I began to lose my own technique, which was actually better for me. When I began to concentrate on my own projects, the joy came back.

    Prioritising has been on my mind, lately, too, along with the need to simplify and slow down. I find that blogging takes time out my day but it sorts out my thoughts and helps me find new ideas so, like you, I want to fit it in, somehow. I love the friendships, too, and sharing ideas and thoughts in comments:-)

    I hope you have a great weekend away, Kari!

    God bless:-)

    1. I suppose there is value in learning from others and honing our talents. I just need to work on the balance. I've thought about your balance post a lot the last few days and I really think that is what my problem is- my writing and reading and everything else are totally out of balance.

      A retreat is just what I need- that's for sure!

      I've actually been questioning the importance of the blogging A LOT lately, wondering if that's what should go. But, then I come back after only a day or two off, because it IS a great way to sort things out and to connect with others- and to write in a way that does not ask too much of me. It is the only writing I'm doing these days.

      Thanks for always encouraging me and God Bless!

  2. It doesn't help noveling, but I do a ton of bloggy writing challenges which have made me a better writer, in general. But I'm with you on priorities. I'm finding I have less time for some things and make more time for others, and sadly I feel like some parts of my life are going to get the axe. Can't there be more hours in a day? Who needs sleep?

    1. Megan-

      I can usually eek out an hour or two to write in the afternoons but lately, I always start by checking other blogs (supposedly for writing prompts and inspiration) and before I know it my hour or two to write is all gone!

      Then, I worry that I am not doing what every writing blog says I should be doing- is my dialogue realistic enough? is there too much of it? are my characters flat?

      Writing hasn't been much fun lately.... I'm hoping a break is all I need.

      Good luck with your novel- the little I've seen of your writing is very good and there is nothing like holding your first published work in your hands for the first time! It makes it all worth it!



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