Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Roll out the red carpet

Weekends are supposed to be about relaxation and re-grouping between Friday and Monday.  This past weekend provided anything but time to relax and re-group....

We had the premiere for the homemade movies we’ve been working on all year.  Our movies may be very amateur.  The acting may be sub-standard.  The screenplays may be lacking a bit- with trite dialogue and mediocre special effects.  And the final products may be a more silly than riveting.   (I say may because our movies are VERY homemade and VERY far from professional but really, we love it all- the original stories, the acting, the special effects, and especially the final product- it is all just so much fun to make and to watch)

The movies are amateur but the premiere- there was nothing amateur about that!  I am not exaggerating when I say- we planned our attire for weeks ahead of time.  We were dressed to the nines in ball gowns and jewels.  As we arrived, we walked up the red carpet- just like they do in Hollywood.  There were cameras flashing and fans cheering.  Once inside the “private screening room,” we had enough fancy gourmet food to feed a cast of thousands and plenty of time to mingle with actors and fans alike.  Then, we settled in to watch the movies- four of them in all.  There was a comedy, a drama, an action adventure film, and a sci-fi film.  

The movies turned out great.  All our hard work paid off and everything came together beautifully.  

The opportunity to make these movies with our friends and to be a part of such a worthwhile family-friendly endeavor has been such a huge blessing in our life this past year.  (All 7 of us played parts in the movies- from Tim and I all the way down to our three year old who turned out to be quite the acting prodigy.)  So, even though the movies took a lot of work and the premiere took even more hard work to pull off, it was all well worth it.  

Then, after our whirlwind weekend- we spent Monday at Legoland on our 2nd annual field trip with our home school group.

The kids are already working on screen plays for next year’s movies.  They are full of ideas and great enthusiasm but even though I am excited about the prospect of more movie making fun too-- I could use just a little time to recover from it all......

And now, I will leave you with a few photos from the red carpet!  (They are purposely a little grainy to protect the innocent)


  1. Kari,

    You all look like stars! What a great project to do together. You will treasure your movies, especially as time passes and you watch them again and again and remember.

    I don't suppose there's any chance you could post some snippets here on your blog so we can all enjoy your acting?

    Thank you for sharing a wonderful post!

    1. Sue-

      I would love to share my movie debut with you but there aren't any scenes that don't include a child or two-(both my children and others). We are not posting to youtube or anywhere else online but are keeping our movies for our own enjoyment.

      I can assure you though- the movies are great and very entertaining but, at least, my acting IS a little substandard!

      I suppose I could have included a still photo from our filming though- we did take a few of those that might work. I'll take a look at what I have....

      :) God Bless!



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