Monday, April 8, 2013

On being a writer....

            A few months ago I started reading more about writing.  It started with the Catholic Writer’s Guild blog.  I found an amazing treasure when I discovered the CWG where Catholic writers come together and support each other and teach each other and encourage each other and inspire each other.  The blog is filled with advice and tips and helpful stories and anecdotes from accomplished Catholic writers.  It is a great place for writers like myself, who are just starting to get serious about their craft.  And the people I have “met” through there, really do care about helping other writers.  It's really pretty awesome.

            After the CWG, I added a few more writing blogs to my reading list.  I seem to be adding more each day.  And, as the list of writing blogs I follow grows longer daily-- my excitement grows each day to share my own writing adventures too.  Like my desire to connect with other Catholic moms, I now want so much to connect with other Catholic writers and artists too-- to share my passion with them and to be inspired by their passion as creative people too.

So, like my blog reading-- I feel like my blog writing has sort of evolved in the last few months.  My blog is not just about my family and our life any more.  Now it’s about my family and our life and my writing

My blog reflects my life and as writing takes on a greater part of my time and energy, so does it take on more a part of my blog.  I find that the more I explore my zeal for writing, the more I realize it is as much a part of who I am as anything else.  I used to think writing was something I enjoyed doing but now I realize- a writer is someone I enjoy being- just as I enjoy being a Catholic, a mother, and a home schooler.  

And though, if something on that list HAD to go, it would be, without a doubt, the writing, I don’t think I could ever really cease to BE a writer.  Even if I had no time to write, even if writing didn’t fit into my life, even if for some reason the gift of writing was taken from me- I would still have the heart and mind of a writer, always with a story stirring within me.

So in that vein—I have some things to share!

First-  my novel, The Life I Dreamed, recent developments include--
  •  Being featured in the February/March issue of Catholic Digest.   Daria Sockey (speaking of talented Catholic writers) included my story in her list of recommended new Catholic fiction and vouched for its quality (and that of many other amazing Catholic authors), reassuring anyone with doubts about self-published books.  I cannot tell you how honored I am! 
  • Recently being awarded the Seal of Approval from the CWG.  The book has been carefully reviewed and found to be authentically Catholic.  Another great honor! 

Second—some of my other writing projects --

  • I recently finished a short story which I am planning to enter into the Tuscany Press contest for Catholic fiction.  It is a very different story from my novel but will hopefully be as well received. 

Finally-  a new blogging opportunity—

  • I was asked to write for a brand new blog that is a part of the Catholic-artwork website.  The blog will include posts on liturgical themes, saint biographies, and all things Catholic. is a beautiful website and I am very eager to be a part of it.


  1. It's so exciting to hear how well your writing is doing, Kari! Congratulations on your well-deserved recognition - your writing is a real gift:-) I understand what you mean about your passion being who you are rather than what you do. Maybe, it's because our creativity connects us with God that it's such a powerful force in our lives, do you think?

    Good luck with your writing contest!

    God bless:)

    1. Vicky-

      Thank you! I absolutely think our creativity is a connection with God and a gift from Him. I try to look at my writing as a mission of sorts- hopefully, my words can bring others closer to Christ or at least strengthen them in their faith journey.

      It seems you do the same with your art. Your beautiful photos and paintings show off God's amazing handiwork in the eyes of your child or the beauty of the landscape. You too have wonderful talent! :)

      Thanks so much for always sharing in my excitement and encouraging me in my work. Blessings, Kari

  2. Kari,

    Wow! What a lot of exciting writing news. I can just hear your excitement. Writing is like that. We tend to get very passionate about it. I'd love to visit your favourite writing blogs if you could share the links. I also belong to the CWG but just need to get my first book actually published!!! Please let us know how you get on with the short story contest.

    God bless!

    1. Sue-

      We are anxiously awaiting the release of "The Angels of Abbey Creek" because we want to be among the first to review it! We loved the story and the Angel family who we could relate so well to! When you ARE ready- the CWG has many great resources to help market it.

      Here are a few links to my favorite writing blogs and a few I have just discovered too (that I cannot necessarily vouch for but SEEM to be good....):

      If you have any you love- I'd love to add even more to my list! :)

      God Bless, Kari



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