Tuesday, April 9, 2013

What my purse reveals....

            My three year old daughter went rummaging through my purse the other day when we had time to just sit and wait for a while.  She knew that mommy’s purse was a virtual treasure trove of exciting finds….. and she was not disappointed.

When I was a kid, my mother’s purse was a fascinating treasure trove as well.  The thing I remember most clearly about it was that it always held matchbox cars.  Those were my little brother’s constant companions and mom knew we did not want to be ever stuck somewhere without at least one or two of them.  She also seemed to always have Tic Tacs and those made for great snacks when there wasn’t anything else to eat.

I think you can tell a lot about a woman just by her purse (or her "handbag" for my Australian friends ).   You can tell if she is rich or poor (is her purse a cheap Wal-mart buy or a fancy designer bag with a brand name that alone is worth a bundle?).  You can tell if she lives a life of leisure or a life of work (does she carry a fashionable little clutch with a dainty clasp or a sturdy leather bag with a long strap to wrap around her on the go?).  You can tell if she is high maintenance or more easy-going (does she carry a bag big enough to bring the kitchen sink along with her or is her purse just big enough for her keys and wallet?).  

            What does my purse say about me?  It speaks volumes……

My purse was handmade as a Christmas gift for me by my 14 year old daughter.  She lovingly and painstakingly quilted the entire bag by hand.  She made it in bright colors and attached a strap long enough for me to sling over my shoulder.  My purse is not too big but it is big enough to hold everything I need when I am away from the house.  It is easy to get into so I can quickly find what I need.  My daughter knows me well, and designed my purse perfectly.  It suits my life and serves me well.

My one-of-a-kind handmade purse shows that I value my family and creativity and uniqueness.  It is a testament to my busy life and my need for convenience and efficiency.  Its bright colors and simple design show that I am fun but not too fussy about appearances. 

And then there are the contents…..  What items must I have on hand at all times?   

My essentials include all the normal things- my wallet, my cell phone, my keys.  I have a purse pack of Kleenex for runny little noses or days of bad allergies, I have a tiny plastic bottle of Tylenol in case a migraine headache hits, I ALWAYS have a bottle of anti-bacterial hand gel along with me (midnight pomegranate scented this month).  

There seem to be those other things that make their way into my purse too- a few old receipts, a grocery list from earlier in the week, a coupon that is probably expired, a breath mint that may be chewy now because it’s been there for a while…..

And then—then, there are the really important things- I currently have 4 rosaries in my purse, four pens (and a thick blue crayon), one Lego mini-figure, a few hairbands and barrettes for my hair or the girls’, a list of books we want to check out from the library, and a few paper fish (we made them at co-op).  These things show who I really am and what I really value- a Catholic, a mommy, an avid reader, a writer, and a home schooler.

What makes does your purse say about you?  What essential items make it into your handbag?!?!?!


  1. Kari,

    I remember discussing purses and handbags with you!

    Your purse looks so special, being handmade by your daughter.

    Mine is a leather backpack. I like to have my hands free when I'm out and about. I carry around a purse (wallet), sunglasses, phone, tissues, hairbrush, keys and a pen. I think that's all! I should have a notebook too for those odd times when I need a scrap of paper. Sometimes I add my Kindle or my iPod or my tablet if I'm going to have to fill in some waiting time, but they aren't in my bag all the time.

    So what does my purse say about me? It says I don't have any babies: no need for spare nappies or spare clothes, or food or toys... I guess my bag doesn't reveal I'm a Catholic (though there might be a holy card in my purse). Actually I think the contents of my bag are quite boring. Yours tell a much more interesting story!

    1. Sue-

      I remember our conversation too! I would say, based on your description, that your handbag says about you that you are not too focused on unessential things, that you keep things pretty simple, and that you have much more important things to do than to worry about a lot of "stuff" emotional or physical. Does that sound about right?!?!?

      I'm so glad you stopped by and shared. It is fascinating to learn all the "ordinary" things about people and see a tiny bit into their lives. I really do think little ordinary things, like purses (handbags) can help us to know one another better!

      I am so enjoying your A-to-Z posts. Is it as much fun to write them as to read them?

      God Bless, Kari



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