Monday, December 1, 2008

Hope in uncertain times

We've had quite an interesting week. We've gotten a lot of news from friends about life changing events in their lives. Two families we know were celebrating their babies' first birthdays. A family in our home schooling group welcomed their sixth child, a healthy baby boy. Another friend of ours underwent surgery to remove cancer and we were overjoyed to hear that the procedure went perfectly. Unfortunately not all the news we received was good news. We found out a close friend had a miscarriage, and lost the baby, her and her family were so thrilled to be expecting. And, just this afternoon I received an e-mail telling me about the diagnosis of cancer for yet another family friend. So many life and death situations... this all coming just a few short weeks after the election that left me feeling very scared and uncertain about the future. At times like these it can be so hard to make sense of our world. It sometimes seems impossible to understand God's will. Why are some people so blessed while others are suffering? I am just naturally a big worrier and it is so easy for me to give in to fear and uncertainty, especially when life seems so fragile and God's will seems so arbitrary. So how can we go on, without being paralyzed by our fear? How can we not give in to discouragement and panic ? Some might even wonder, how can we believe in God when life is so indeterminate and random?
All I can say is I am inspired by these wonderful friends of ours. These families, who are each facing huge changes in their lives, are doing so with such faith and determination. None of them are giving in to discouragement or fear. They are all looking towards God with hope for a better future.
God does throw us curveballs upon occasion. It is true that His plans are often not our plans, yet He always wants what is best for us. Though it is very hard, even impossible, for us to understand how it could be the best thing for anyone to undergo the pain of loss or illness, God can bring good from it. In fact, He promises to do so, if only we keep our eyes, and hearts, firmly focused on Him.

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