Monday, December 1, 2008

What's Missing?

I just finished reading Tim's blog on his "place in this world" where he starts out by lamenting our financial situation and our lack of "stuff". He is SO right , we are doing without a lot of things that others feel are important, even essential. We don't have a DVR or even cable television, he and I are both driving old, not-so-great cars, I got new shoes today (a great deal at $10, though they are a bit ugly) but his are probably 4 years old, I've been wearing the same clothes since we got married 12 years ago, our kitchen chairs have all broken so the table is surrounded by mismatched seats... I could go on all day.
Our children must make sacrifices too. The girls have never taken a dance class, none of the kids has ever had a swimming lesson, all of their clothes are hand-me-downs or consignment shop finds, they do not get new toys except at Christmas or birthdays, they never get treats from the concession stand at baseball practice, we never buy pop tarts, or popsicles, or cones for our ice cream.
Yet, as I read Tim's words, I felt so blessed by the life we have! It is crazy, I guess. In fact, more than one person has implied (or said outright) that we ARE crazy for the choices we've made. But there is one sacrifice I've never had to make and it has made ALL the difference to me. Tim has NEVER once asked me to leave our children and go to work myself. Despite the fact that he works about 70 hours a week to barely pay our bills, and despite the fact that he worries about money and sometimes loses sleep over it, he has never suggested that I should make my own share of the money around here.
I would do without a whole lot more, if I had to, but I am so glad, and so blessed to have what I want most from this life. I have my faith, my amazingly supportive, loving husband, and the opportunity to be with my children each and every day. Tim and I, by making the choices we have, have the chance to raise our children the way we want. We can be the greatest influence in their lives, and guide them in all they do as children. What other "stuff" do we need?

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