Monday, December 1, 2008

What matters most...

What is important to me? I have put a lot of thought into this question. (Of course, according to Tim I think too much and therefore have put a lot of thought into every question, answer, and fleeting moment I've ever experienced. However, it remains to be seen whether that means I think too much or just enough!) At different times of my life, different things have taken precedence in my priorities and my thoughts, but two things have ALWAYS been there. First of all, my faith. And second of all my family.
I have always felt God calling me. I have always prayed and turned to Him with my needs, my fears, and my unending list of worries. I have ALWAYS believed God IS there- listening to my prayers and caring enough to respond (though not always in the way I want Him to). God has never let me down or done anything to disprove my belief in His love and steadfastness. My faith guides me in every day, every situation, every moment. I am kind of a failure in my quest towards holiness but my faith remains strong.
I am a wife and mother. Even before I was a wife and mother I knew I was called to be one. I believe God has given me the gift and responsibility of serving Him in a family. It is my calling and my greatest blessing. It is also my greatest challenge but perhaps that is only because I take it very seriously and want to please God in my vocation. Because I have always known this was what God created me for, my life leading up to my marriage and the birth of my children was truly, in my mind, preparation for this role. As a child I played house with my baby dolls, as a teenager I babysat often, as a young adult I worked in a child care center and as a nanny. I have always hoped and dreamed about a family of my own.
I admit I define myself by my vocation. I do not feel at all diminished as a person to be only a wife and mother. I am proud to have a wonderful family to serve and care for. It is enough for me. It is all I've ever wanted.
I want to share my struggles , my challenges, my failures, and (God willing) my successes so that others may be strengthened in their journey of parenthood, and even more important, their journey to holiness.

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