Monday, December 1, 2008

A quiet evening-FINALLY!

Sometimes the noise level in my house is exhausting. It is not that the kids are so loud it is just that the noise is unending. One can take such a sustained racket for only so long. Yesterday was one of those overstimulating days. The kids were good but my patience was wearing thin all day and it did not help that half the neighborhood kids were traipsing in and out of the house throughout the afternoon. Now don't get me wrong, I really love that my kids are growing up in a neighborhood that is full of kids their age, and that all they have to do is go out in the front yard to find someone to play with. And I really am glad when they are all playing at my house. Then I can keep an eye on things and be aware, ahead of time, of any crazy ideas they may all come up with. But some days I could just use A LITTLE peace and quiet.
So after a long, busy day of schoolwork, housework, a frustrating sewing project, kids under foot at every moment, throwing together dinner, baseball practice, a 40 minute workout, and then bath time, I was ready for my bit of peace and quiet. I sort of felt I had earned it. Thankfully, the day starting improving almost immediately. It was after baths, so the kids were all scrubbed clean and smelling so sweet. Their p.j.'s were on, sticking to them a little because they were still a bit damp from their baths, and their hair combed out straight. There is just something about fresh-from-the-bath children that I can't help but delight in. They look so snuggly in their p.j.'s and are so lovable and warm. I gave them their options for evening activities- they could sit quietly on the couch and read or they could scamper off to bed early. Of course, an early bedtime had no appeal for them so all four squeaky clean children choose a book and sat on the couch to read quietly. These are the moments in life I savor. All my children love books and they were all so content with their stories. How blessed I am to have moments like these. How wonderful to be safe in our warm, little house, all together sharing quiet time together. It is these little blessings in the midst of our crazy existence that show me God goodness and His love alive in the world.

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